Aurora: White Sands in Dinadiawan

As promised in my Instagram post, I’ll be writing about my adventure on the province of Aurora! This isn’t my first time to visit Aurora, but it is my first to share it through blogging. To know more about the place, I’ll be giving you a bit of information on it. Aurora is a province located in Central Luzon, Philippines; it is divided in eight municipalities namely Baler, Dipaculao, Maria Aurora, Dingalan, Dinalungan,  Dilasag, San Luis and Casiguran. Baler is the capital of Aurora and the province is populated mostly by Tagalogs and Ilocanos, it is also known as the “surfing capital of the Philippines”.

My trip is mainly in Dipaculao and other parts of Aurora. This town is my mother’s hometown and we’ll be featuring the Dinadiawan Beach. Unknown to some, Boracay isn’t the only beach in the Philippines that has white sands, Aurora has those too and you can find one here in Dinadiawan. However, today wasn’t quite a day that you can just pounce on the sea and swim like you ever care. You see, beaches in Aurora are facing the Philippine Sea that is connected to the vast and tumultuous Pacific Ocean which is why today’s waves were towering and a bit dangerous for newbies. I’ll be sharing the pictures so you’ll be able to see what I mean… 🙂

First stop, we made it to Dipaculao at around 6:00am and headed to the capital for fresh supplies. As always, my Dad prefers that we buy our food fresh and cook it when we travel, that means no canned goods and chips (but I always managed to sneak in some, haha, sneaky little kiddo). Good thing we are staying in my mom’s childhood house, (which the only wooden house in their street today) and my Aunt Lily cooks delicious homemade meals! We stayed for a few hours back at the house to cook our lunch and headed out to Dinadiawan Beach!

Finally, after almost an hour or two (I fell asleep so I wasn’t able to keep track of time), we finally reached Dinadiawan Beach. The Globe and TM receptions in the area are very poor although Smart users can surf the net in a slower rate though.

Cousin Time! We look good in wacky haha
Family. It is so fun to spend vacation with them.
Beach Babes. Like WHUUUT?!?!?! Haha with the HUNK
This was a few minutes after the waves tossed, turned and threw us out!



Our souvenir from struggling on the sea’s tempest waves. My knees were badly scraped (Huhu! Goodbye to my sexy knees). Thankfully we are safe but lesson learned, just stay at shore when Mother Sea is kinda feeling like a queen!

The Dinadiawan Beach isn’t really a scary one to swim on. I’ve been there this summer of 2014 and it was calm, I guess it was also kinda excited with the Holiday Vacation that it couldn’t keep its cool. Hehe. So far, my knee still hurts but as a nurse I gotta treat it and deal with it, after all life’s lessons are often learned the hard way!

And there you have it, the Dinadiawan Beach Trip. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about our other adventure here in Aurora and it’ll be a surprise! Watch out for my Instagram Video and I’ll be posting all the photos on my Facebook account.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!