Aurora: Visiting Relatives

It’s our second day in Aurora and I’ll be sharing what we did the whole day of Christmas. We were suppose to visit the Mother Falls in Ditumabo but due to a possible surge of people this Christmas, we postponed our trip for tomorrow. Today’s itinerary was to visit our relatives and we’ve got tons of them here.

At around 6:00am my cousins and I went to the Amper Beach. A little background on it, the Amper Beach is no place for swimming, instead of sand it is surrounded by huge rocks and has one of the most dangerous angry rushing waves I’ve ever seen. We went there to do some sightseeing and jogging (but it turned out into a picture taking session. LOL)

Well, what’s a good thing to bring when you walk by the sea? Music, and by music I mean the classical ones like Sofia La Notte or Ludivico’s Primavera. They make you feel like your in some senti” (sentimental) music video.

Jogging or Posing??


Good Morning from the selfie queens!
Good Morning from the selfie queens!

We came home after the morning walk and waited for our meal, guess who came over? Grandpa! It was good to see him again after a long time that pictures are a must.

The Ubongen troop, although we aren’t complete. Missing the cubs of my Uncles Joel, Romeo and Amado.

Around 3:00pm we headed to the basketball court with the boys… of course, picture taking is number one in the option.


Finally, around 5:00pm, we headed to visit my Uncles and Aunts. Though I couldn’t understand them since they use the Ilocano dialect.




We weren’t able to go to a tourist spot in Dipaculao, but we managed to pay respects to our relatives this Christmas season. It is one of the Filipino traditions we have here, to visit our relatives during this occasion oftentimes, asking for “pamasko”. A tradition where kids come over to their elders to ask for gifts in materials or money.



To end the day, we had this shot by the sari-sari store nearby.

Tomorrow, will be our final day and I will be blogging about our adventure. I really hope and pray that we may able to visit Ditumabo Falls and that I can share it with you all. Hope y’all enjoyed this blog though it was filled with our faces. Thank you to my cousin Michael for his ever handy Samsung S4 camera.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!