Aurora: A Hidden Paradise

This is our third and supposedly final stay here in Dipaculao, Aurora but a sudden change occurred that we had to prolong for another day tomorrow tentatively. My Uncle Romeo and his family are coming over tonight. But let’s not sway from our agenda! I’ll be sharing our awaited trip to the Mother Falls, a hidden paradise. Y’all remember that this trip was postponed yesterday and I’m glad we did. Our tour guide informed us that for 3 days the Falls was closed down from tourists due to a heavy rain flow resulting in a strong current which is dangerous for business and tourists as well.

The Ditumabo Mother Falls is situated deep in the Hydraulic Plant Forest, the mode of transportation is by foot or by using the tri-bike. We had to rent around 6-7 tri-bikes to carry our stuff to the site, it was a rough road to pass on and a burden to my healing scraped knees, but it was worth the ride. we reached the site around 20 minutes and took a lot of pictures (and by a LOT I mean like a LOT, haha you saw the pile of pictures from my previous blogs right?).


“Selfie-ing” in the Tri-bike


An almost complete Ubongen troop!



The bamboo bridge. In fairness, this bridge is quite strong!

Heading to the Cottage takes a 5 minute walk from the site where the tri-bikes drop you off. The tri-bike drivers are kind enough to help you carry your stuff to the cottage and patiently wait for your return.


You have to leave one person behind to guard your stuff since the trail to the falls takes 60 minutes back and forth minus the time of your stay there. Although caretakers guarantee that there are no incidences of theft, still you gotta be careful of your belongings.

Babe…in the Province


Trail to the Falls




When you’ve got wacky people with you the long and rough trail is worth it and FUN!

The Hidden Paradise

Finally, reaching the Falls is like treasure. A hidden paradise that nestles through the trees, rocks and strong rushing waters. The water was superb, crystal clear and cold like a truckload of ice fell through (or even more), the ambiance quenches your tired spirit. We stayed for almost an hour at the falls but we were careful to stay on the middle area only as the guide warned us not to go near. The heavy rainfall from the past 3 days were the culprit for such a strong current. Anyway, we played games and took pictures as well. The highlight was when we were about to leave, one of my cousins almost drowned me as she panicked. Haha. I had to go under her and push her so she wouldn’t have to pull me down. Well, despite that stunt pulled well off, we still had fun going back.

Ditumabo Falls is one of my favourite destinations when I visit Aurora. I love how they maintain the cleanliness of the water and how cold the place is. Perfect when your drenched in sweat from the heat. So, in case you visit Aurora, might as well come over to Ditumabo Falls, for 10php per head and the tri-bike rental you can be one with nature!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!