Aurora: The Surfing Capital

Going to Aurora wouldn’t be complete without visiting the surfing capital of Baler. So our last mission to complete for this vacation was to surf. One of the beaches to visit for a surfing lesson is none other than Sabang Beach. It has huge waves and a number of stores that offer lessons in different rates of 200-300php per hour and we tried one. We’re 12 in our group and we took turns in the lesson, each person with two tries for an hour. “Sulit” (worth it) is Tagalog term to use after my try, it was my first and definitely won’t be my last, my instructor was patient enough to teach me.

My first try was a flop, I couldn’t stand in the board with the waves so I just lie there and made my cousins laugh so hard. For the second try, I was able to kneel and tumbled when I was nearing the shore, I’m proud of that achievement (haha) at least I was able to kneel on the board. I’ll be sharing some pictures now, but I don’t have any on my surfing achievement.


The Beach
The Beach




Costa Pacifica Resort where lots of foreign and local tourists stay




So far, my Christmas Vacation here in Aurora is full of swimming and picture taking. I enjoyed this reunion as much as my cousins in my mother’s side. We had all kinds of stories to spill, jokes my Uncles cracked and thankfully I brought my pocket wifi to blog our adventure here. In case you happen to visit Aurora, try visiting the places we went or share your adventure in new places here. There are still a lot more to visit like Dicasalarin Cove and another Falls that we used to go to. Till next time!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!