Music. It was the bond that kept them. Classical, jazz or punk, no musical segregation, just the notes that flow freely. The lyrics that rhyme through every beat, the very soul of it, and the cellist who was the center of it all.

Mia. It was probably the most heart-wrenching situation that any 17 year old could encounter. At the prime of her youth and vivacity, almost everything was taken away from her. Her parents and little Teddy in just one flick of a finger. Almost, except her will to live, which was dwindling away.

I started reading around 10:30 in the evening and was done by 12:00 midnight, and right now blogging my reading accomplishment. This story, (although a bit short) is full of emotions, flashbacks, & what ifs coming from an out of your body experience from our heroine. The details concerning how her love for classical music started up to Adam and her family are quite remarkable. Imagine putting it all of our character’s story in an 81 page book, and it’s not just a story it is something that can move you and make you understand well of life, death, love and music.

A movie of this book has already been opened in cinemas. Although, I haven’t been able to see it, I am sure I would enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed this book by Gayle Forman. I would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below on what good books I should read for the other challenges to complete.

P.S. Next is a book by a female author –😁 Lola and The Boy Next Door

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!