Fitlife = FUN Life was started by Drew Canole, the company has an aim of helping others through providing knowledge about health in the use of social media. Just last December, I started writing for as a guest blogger. Being new to writing in the real world, I know that I do feel a little low on myself. You see, the only writing I ever did was wayback middle school when I placed 3rd on a short-story writing contest. Perhaps, you may add the essays I did during high school on our Literature Subject. But writing articles and getting them published on paper or on the web was quite a daunting task for me. Nevertheless, I gave it a try.

Then after days of waiting, I received an email from my good editor, Ms. Sheree (check out her site). Thanking me and encouraging me. To tell you the truth, I was really nervous, my hands were cold as I typed my first article. It was a long one too (9 Herbal Medicines in The Philippines) and it was worth the sweat I shed facing the computer. After passing through the first, the next articles became a bit easier (yes, no more sweating haha) and I’d love to show it here, I’ll be posting the other links below.

After getting myself comfortable with writing, I then met new friends through Fitlife. Some were health coaches, fitness lovers, medical professionals, and transformed junkies. People in different walks of life, and very supportive ones too. The Fitlife team has this saying, ” We’re in this together.” I guess that brought us closer, a spirit of unity for health and wellness using the medium of writing. With that, I will be sharing articles here weekly starting by February written by my co-writers for everyone’s benefit.

My other articles are:
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I hope you’ll learn a lot from them and the articles to come!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!