Fitlife: Thoughts on Cancer

Hi Guys! I promised on my blogpost, Fitlife=FUN life that every week I’d be posting articles written by my co-writers in This is to benefit everyone, from my co-writers, to my readers and all healthcare fanatics out there. It’ll be a thrill to learn something new and know what is good for you and your family’s health.

This week, two articles written by Steve Fillmore, will be featured here and (brace yourselves!! *drumrolls*) it is all about CANCER. 😨 I, personally have known a number of people diagnosed with this illness, some survived, some are at a recurrent stage, while others died, mostly due to the complications of the treatments and the disease itself. The subject of Cancer was tackled during my 4th year in the College of Nursing and one of the things well noted during our interviews with our clients was how they responded to it. This is what Steve tackled on his articles.

Being diagnosed twice with Cancer, I can say that through his testimony, he has suffered a lot. But what struck me with awe is how he recovered from that blow. It was an arduous process to undergo chemotherapy but with Steve’s perspective and proper lifestyle he managed to won over it TWICE! Isn’t that amazing? So to get that better picture, proper perspective and journey to a healthier you. Be inspired with how Steve knocked over Cancer and is using his knowledge on it for the benefit of others! Kudos Steve!

Cancer kills the person, but not the HOPE and WILL to live.
Cancer may kill the person, but not the HOPE and the WILL to live.

Steve Fillmore’s Articles on Cancer: Please do read, like and share it. Be inspired to love, live and laugh.
1. Steve’s Top 4 Cancer Fighting Tips Plus 2 Juice Recipes
2. Live and Thrive with Cancer

To get to know more of our survivor visit his:



Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!