Fitlife: Taming your Sweet Tooth

I love sweets! From chocolate bars to cookies, ice creams, sherbet, cakes, fondue and the list of all refined and processed sugar goes on and on. Sugar gives you the “oomph” in every bite ^_^ hehe. The decadent sweetness is totally irresistible! However, that irresistible feeling if uncontrolled over time could spike up your blood glucose to a level where you’ll be diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 or Diabetes Mellitus. And that’s bye bye sweets forever! 😨:'(😱

I know that you don’t want that to happen and so do I! It’ll be a total heartbreak (now I’m exaggerating) but seriously, you wanna keep enjoying your sweets? Well, here are a few tips from Heather DeGeorge and Michelle Maclean’s articles in on curbing your sweet intake. Cause once in a while you gotta make your insulin do its work without adding too much load on it. 😁

1 Day Sugar Detox Diet by Michelle Maclean

5 Ways to Kick Sugar to the Curb by Heather DeGeorge

Cheers to more sweets in the later years! Haha

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