Everyone is uniquely different. Special in their own way, in the way that God made them. So was this project started by Gretchen Rubin (this book is the BOMB!). As the author claimed it, everyone’s happiness project is different. Reading the book for almost a week made me rethink my daily activities (it’s suppose to be a monthly task but I should keep up with my reading challenge). Does it make me happy? What are those that make me happy? The choices that I make are for a long-term happiness or is it just a spark? But in all the quests our author has challenged herself, one of the 10 commandments she made is what struck me most: BE GRETCHEN . It reminded me to be who I am, what I am as a person, my limitations, my capabilities and passion. Not just the superficial wants but for the long-term effects in my life. I then realized, that there is no need to wait for another year to change bad habits and forego nagging tasks, now is the time to pursue what I want, to let go of the bad and start a new slate each day. Being said that, I made up my 10 rules to remind me of my resolutions for this year.

Nica’s Ten Rules:
1. Smile as soon as you wake up. I often frown and I rarely smile in the mornings. Not that I always have nightmares but its that dragging feeling you always get when you wake up. I mean, who doesn’t love the comforts of your fluffy pillow, wrapped in the warmth and subtle coolness of your blankets? Ahh, you feel like you’re a part them. But, you gotta get going cause dreams will stay dreams unless you take action and you’ll feel a good mood flowing if you start it up with a smile, stretch and a prayer of gratitude.

Gretchen’s formula (my simplified version) was happy people=closer to success.

2. Be kind. Find ways to perform simple acts of kindness. Not just for yourself, but think of the ripples you’ll create with one kind act a day. Being kind in the way you think, you speak and you act. I have one video example that you can view by Life Vest’s Kindness Boomerang. It may take a long time before the acts of kindness come back to you but never think of the results, just do it.

” And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.”
Matthew 10:24

3. Life is not fair. A hard fact it is, sometimes you worked for it yet someone else takes the credit. You screw the world for being unfair. Trust me, it never was fair. But, don’t take this phrase negatively take it as a reminder when you feel cheated that maybe life isn’t good but if you sulk on it nothing will change. So when someone else makes you feel low on yourself think of it as a challenge. Life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean I have to be unfair with myself.

4. Pause and take a deep breath before the plunge. Our world is turning fast-paced as each year pass. It’s like a knot tightened that we have to make do with everything. Take the fastest route, faster net connection, easiest meals to cook. So many to do yet so little time. This leads to bad tempers, fights which are often caused by the smallest of issues. In all the harried scene, I have to remind myself to pause and take the deep exhilarating breath then get back to reality.

5. Write often. Yep, I love to write or should I say type. Haha my handwriting looks gibberish after writing a few sentences. >_< Writing for me is a form of art, a release of emotions as you pour them out in words. Helps me calm my mind and rethink.

6. Read. What kind of ideas would keep your writing flowing if you don’t read books? Reading is like a supplement of ideas, a form of relaxation (although some may not agree hehe). One thing about books is that they let you go on an adventure in a different universe, a different timeline and it is all worth the ride.

7. Cry your heart out. Wait?! Now how is crying suppose to make me happy? ^_^ It is a form of release. There will be times when all problems sum up and no matter how you challenge yourself about the “Life is not fair” rule, you will need some time out. During this time outs, let your feelings flow. It helps me a lot when I cry, though some of my friends think I’m way too emotional. But hey, this are my rules to a more lighter and happier years to come. I feel relaxed after a good cry, it’s like your heart squeezing out the pain. So let’s start bawling ladies! Haha

8. Forgive and forget. Past heartaches that are left open are like a nightmare. They haunt you, they leave you vulnerable and mark a scar on you. I understand that this 8th rule may be hard to some. I’m not perfect, although I easily forgive, the forgetting part is the hardest. I always put on that before a day ends, I don’t want to sleep with a heavy heart. Every time I encounter one, I try to remind myself to think first and listen, which is really hard. But it is worth it once you settle your issue within the day and forget about it. The forgetting part, well I do my best just to laugh about it.

9. Be Nica. I got this one from Gretchen Rubin’s rules. This rule reminds me of what I am. You can’t get everything you want. You have to know who you are and be guided by it. Take note that not all may accept you, but it’s okay just think of rule number three.

10. Pray. I can’t do all of this without God’s help. This is where I draw my strength. Kneeling to pray, knowing that I am weak but in Him I go strong.

And there you have it! Have you made your 10 commandments? Have you read the book? If so, I’d love to hear what are yours and how will you get through them, just leave a comment on the section below.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!
P.S. Next book challenge is a trilogy: The Hunger Games by Veronica Roth. Whew,this will take time. Happy reading!