Oh Valentine, My Valentine!

February 14 is just another day I slash off my calendar but today was a special one. ^_^

NBSB. No boyfriend since birth, yep you read it right. My parents strictly made a rule, hand over the college diploma first before anything else HAHA. They may be old-fashioned and conservative in their romantic views, but I know it was for my own good. I am still single and you may ask why? Well, it’s all about right timing and prayer. Now, who would have thought that this Valentine’s day would be so colourful!

Cheesiness overload!!

Imagine my smile right now, HAHA! How sweet diba?! But the bouquets aren’t for me huhu. The red one is for mum, the white bouquet (not in the photo) is for Nanay Clara (Dad’s mum), the pink set is for Nanay Ruth (Mummy’s mum), the blue ones are for Yeye (Dad’s maternal aunt) and the purple bouquet is for Nana Caring (our ever thoughtful helper).

But this one is for ME!!!
But this one is for ME!!!

You know what is so touching about the flowers even if they are made out of ribbons? THE EFFORT! As in A for AYY-ffort talaga (corny lang). Sunny is really talented when in comes to artsy stuff, well may talent din naman ako diba? I personally draw the pictures I post here. Hehe 🙂

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They look real!

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I heard that there are real blue roses and you can find them daw sa Hollander Flower store. Teka, did I say the name right?

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My friend, Ate Len who was with us that time, really loved the pink bouquet!

Here comes the best part! Yieee!!

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The penmanship. ^_^

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They kinda look like the golden, skull Aztec coins of the movie Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Lol

Awww. That is really sweet! Cheesiness overload! Saang palabas mo nanaman kinopya yan ha?? LOLJK. I told myself I’ll be avoiding sweets, but I couldn’t help indulging in the golden coin chocolates. So sorry diet, next week, I promise.

I’m really not into Valentines and all the sweetness included except the chocolates hehe. Probably because I spent 21 years of my life treating it like any normal day, but I wouldn’t mind spending it like this! 🙂 Thank you Sunny for being really sweet!

Remember guys and gals, being sweet and thoughtful doesn’t have to be excluded on Feb. 14, on birthdays or on any occasion written on the calendar. You can be sweet and treat each day like Valentines to people you care and love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!