Fitlife: Lemoney Lemon

We live in a world where multi-tasking is a must. We practice efficiency in our resources,  we organise the step by step process and eliminate redundancy in order to achieve our goals in a faster yet successful strike. We find for new things that could help us and we breathed with a deep sigh if we encounter splutions that deal with problems at once. Same with our health, we often don’t want to fuss over a lot of things. We look for easy and breezy healthcare/beauty tips that is in our budget and within our reach.

In beauty, we look for products that serves us usually with dual or multi-purpose. Moisturizers with SPF, SPF with tinted color, BB creams and blah blah. So, if I tell you a secret? Well, it isn’t really much of a secret but would you give it a try? There is fruit in this planet that can do wonders from cleaning, to beauty benefits, detoxifying, affordable and is in our very own kitchen cupboards. It is none other than lemons. I’m truly fascinated with how a small citrusy fruit can do tons! It is no surprise that a lot of beauty experts and health gurus recommend this tiny yellow giant.

Allow me, to share Burnette Nguyen’s article on lemons. She has researched thoroughly about it’s numerous functions! Enjoy and make sure to use those lemons hidden in your cupboards. ^_^

14 Simple Ways to Use Lemon Each Day

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Merci beaucoup et à bientôt!