Fitlife: Shedding Those Pounds

There was a time, when I dreaded stepping on to a weighing scale or even check my vital statistics with a tape measure. When Mom and I go shopping for new clothes, I would give a threatening look to the sales lady who’d say that I should wear a larger size of the medium sized dress I chose. UGH. Annoying. So tingin mo, mataba ako?!? Apart from that, my Dad would always tease me to exercise (which I rarely do), my brother and nephew would call me fatty. How dare they?!? HAHA defensive mode. But, I just kept going cause it’s my “thang”,  until I saw myself on the mirror and I know I’m not doing myself a favour.

If you’ll ask me what I did. I certainly won’t recommend it haha except for the exercise part. Definitely not a healthy way to lose weight and fit into that small size tube. Instead, I’ll share you some articles written in by my co-writers on how you should properly lose weight, maintain it,  clear our mistakes and get inspired.

1. Be inspired with Caroline Cosgrove’s article

Finding Purpose in your Struggle: Wendi’s Weight Loss Story

2. Maintain your sculpted body with Laura Morissey’s list of food

12 Foods to Sustain Weight Loss Following a Juice Cleanse

3. Feel the guilt of excuses on Nancy Bodreau’s article

2 Common Excuses That are Hindering Your Weight Loss Efforts

4. Discover what Carbs can do for you on Caroline Cosgrove’s article

5 Carb-Loaded Snacks to Promote Weight Loss

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Caroline Cosgrove

Laura Morissey

Nancy Bodreau

And there you have it! I’m actually trying my best to get back on track of exercise to tone my body. I don’t have a great bod even with the weight loss hehe, so I’ll do my best to sculpt it instead. Always remember that every person’s body shape is unique, what matters is your health. Obesity is definitely not a good sign. So exercise moderately, visit your physician and know what exercises are good for you if in case you have heart problems or diabetes etc, eat healthy, don’t deprive yourself and be confident!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!