Fitlife: Healthy Recipes

Hello Guyths! It’s the start of the summer season here in the Philippines and it is certainly getting hotter and humid each day. I bet a lot you have readied your bikini outfits and slimmed down for the beach! Who wouldn’t wanna look good while getting tanned under the sun, right? Although, I honestly won’t wear bikinis without any shirt on top hehe. Yeah, even if you force me to (like someone would?!? HAHA). Like any vacation, it is best enjoyed with good food, booze, and relentless partying though some might prefer relaxation instead. But then we feel guilty, cause after all the hard work to achieve that bikini bod, we throw in unhealthy heaps of junk food in our bellies. So why not try making healthy meals that are so good minus the calories and guilt!

My friend and co-writer Doris Dahdouh has shared three of her articles containing scrumptious recipes. I know I gotta try this someday, though I might improvise a bit with the ingredients that aren’t available here. Enjoy reading and eating!

1. Don’t Waste the Pulp! This one for all juice loving addicts out there! Hahaha. I’m one too, make good use of the pulp and you never have to feel guilty of any waste.

2. Nachos Minus the Guilt. I love Nachos! I think you can use this for Tacos too. Just add meat, and if you are a vegetarian try using the “veggie meat” substitute. Yum!

3. Incorporating Leafy Greens. You need to eat healthy, therefore you need to add greens into your meals. And Doris has shared her recipes on how to.

To know more about Doris, visit her FB page here.

There you have it. Healthy recipes to make for maintaining that beautiful body this summer!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!