Eleanor and Park_0(1)
Sorry the AND sign is wavy. My hand was shaking. 🙂

A story of an unlikely high school romance swirled within the 1980’s. That time when Marvel comics where a big hit (even now!), walkman and huge headphones are a cool kid’s staple. Yet, it is also that time when bullying was a little more rampant in schools and often unnoticed, when domestic violence was silenced by money and so-called “love”.

This love story wasn’t as cheesy as I expected, which is actually good. Who would have thought that sitting together in a bus, listening to the same music and reading comics would lead to love and a bond that couldn’t be easily broken. Unless it was your creepy, sexually harassing, crazy, alcoholic, abusive step dad (whew! those words wouldn’t even suffice) standing on the middle ground. Though there were a lot of cursing going on, you can feel a lot of emotion and really see in some way what it is to be bullied, to be abused, and to be loved. It is an eye-opener for all of us to stand and speak up to say no against bullying and abuse. Rainbow Rowell did a great job portraying that, also this book kinda left me hanging hehe. If I could only ask Rowell what were those three words in the postcard Eleanor sent and would there be a sequel for the book? ^_^

Well, I wouldn’t write too much about it like my previous blogs, heehee. I’d like for you guys to read it. But if in case you feel uncomfortable with the cursing, I wouldn’t force you to read it then. 🙂

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. I’ll be having a short break from reading for the coming Lent Season. But I’ll be back!!