Disconnect to Connect

We live in an age where everything is handed to us in a silver platter. All those we wanted to know is within a click of a finger. Knowledge, gossip, food, news, music, entertainment, relationships, and communication are but among the needs or wants that today’s fast-paced internet could offer. Just one evening, my Mom noticed how occupied me and brother were in our smartphones and we were sitting just next to each other. She even joked, “Oh, baka nag-uusap lang kayu nyan. Grabe na yan.” For a kid that grew up during the Millennial period, my mom might sound like a “killjoy” or panira ng trip but putting it into a deeper thought, she was right. The irony of social media is quite complexing, here you have a hundred friends on Facebook, a million likes on Instagram, and thousands of followers on Twitter, yet on your birthday or on any occasion, few of those hundred friends or maybe none would even want to show up. Sucks right?

Moments that are suppose to be filled with heartfelt talks are replaced by texting, snap chatting, picture taking and you’ll even realised that you guys never really talked. Yes, it was fun and yes you spend time together but where was the real communication? Where was the opening up of secrets, the jokes you crack on, or the times where you just want to spill your heart out? I am guilty of all these and so are you. That at the end of each day, you’ll realise that you haven’t personally smiled at a passerby, initiated a conversation with your seat mate or a stranger, spilled your deep secrets to your best friends, or even talk to your loved ones about how bad your day was. Instead, we find ourselves glued to the screens of our phones, tweeting the latest updates, group messaging our barkadas with cheesy quotes, uploading our selfies on IG, or searching for the latest gossip on Google until the time we just close our eyes to rest.

Every day looks all the same but don’t get me wrong, I love the use of social media. It connects me to my friends that I haven’t heard from for years, gets me updated of the current events and gossips as well, helps me get by with things I don’t know after searching them on Google. Social media and the internet has a good side but like all things overused, it can turn to bad. Bad, in the sense that we lose our real touch, we lose focus to our goals, we strain our eyes and most importantly we forget to even look up to the One above who is the main reason why we wake up each day. It is good to use social media but it is altogether better if we won’t lose our real touch as well.

Here is a video from Raw Power Training System at Youtube that can simplify everything I wrote:

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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