Surreal in Saigon

Part 2 of our stay in Ho Chi Minh City (For Part 1 click here). This day we set it out for our souvenir shopping and preparations for Cambodia. Sir John offered us a Shampoo Massage in which salons in Vietnam are quite famous of. Sadly, the salons that time were out of water. o_O So how would they function without one?!? Anyway it was just fine with us, as we did the shampooing by ourselves back at home. We opted to stop by a fresh juice stand and drank Avocado-Chico Juice or Avocado-Sapodillo Juice. It was deliciously healthy! Have I told you that fruits are very cheap in Vietnam? Oh yes they are! They have tons of fruit juice stands and the best thing NO SUGAR ADDED. Just the natural sweetness of the fruit. Right after gulping the last of Avocado-Chico Juice, we took a taxi going to the Ben Thanh Market.

The fruit juice stand.

If you’re wondering whether hailing a cab might be expensive in Vietnam. They are not, plus they are very easy to call to compared to taxis back in my homeland. They also stick to their metered fare and will lead you to the fastest route.

The Ben Thanh Market. Where you can find cheap goods. Similar to the Divisoria in Manila. We were told that you can bargain up to 50%. Well they do give in, although we don’t really haggle that much price but since we are on a tight budget we did and it paid off.

I had two souvenir shirts from Saigon. One has the flag of Vietnam and the other has an embroidered print of Saigon in it. I prefer shirts as souvenirs from a place because you can wear them and they are more useful, in my case. Also, it allows me to be assured that I won’t run out of clothes in this 15 day trip. After shopping for shirts, we walked going to Saigon Square.

Just a tip, some motorcycle drivers use the sidewalk as their shortcut road when they’re stuck in a traffic. So be mindful, when walking along the sidewalk.

Saigon Square is like an air-conditioned Ben Thanh Market, only smaller. Gadgets here are so cheap and there are tons of bags and clothes as well. After the Saigon Square we went to have lunch at the Cafe Kim’s Restaurant. They serve yummy, healthy meals that comes in a cheaper price. I personally love their coffee. If there is one thing I could talk about Vietnam it’s their Street-side Coffee! Better than some known coffee brands. So for all coffee addicts like me you should visit Vietnam!

I was not able to take a photo of my Dad’s meal as he was already digging on it. Haha. But it was an egg omelette wrapped in lettuce and filled with veggies. After our meal, we headed to two different malls near Sir John’s place to buy some groceries for dinner and breakfast.

Lotte Mart
Crescent Mall

Malls here are not quite as big as SM Malls in the Philippines but it’s enough to suffice the needs and shopping wants. In fact, aside from the familiar brands I saw, there are also brands that are still not available in the Philippine Market.

A much needed photo op with our host’s family and ours.

This was our last night in Vietnam and we packed all our belongings. We have to get up early and the kids who have bonded with us were really sad to see us leave. My brother taught them magic tricks so I guess they’re more fond of him. Hehe.


Inside the bus going to Cambodia which will take 6 hours. The two day trip in Vietnam might not be sufficient to know their culture and taste all food that they could offer, but the stay was filled with good memories. I definitely would like to come back for another tall glass of coffee. Heehee. Special thanks to Sir John’s family who hosted our stay in Vietnam and made their place like our home. By the way, Sir John came with us all the way to Thailand to guide us. Since he has been to those places and knows where we could stay. Stay tune for my upcoming blog about our adventure in Cambodia!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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