Angkor Wat. Whuuut?

After a cozy night of sleep in The Banyan Leaf, we woke up to a yummy breakfast buffet. We needed to fill up our tummies and hydrate as it was striking hot that day. So I didn’t hinder myself or even thought of my diet! HAHAHA. 😛

Buffet Table
Buffet Table

We managed to book a tuktuk by the hotel reception to tour the city and visit the World Heritage sites of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. But first things first, we booked our ticket for Bangkok Thailand tomorrow afternoon. We opted for a minivan instead of a bus, since we wanted a more comfortable ride.


Our first stop is any handicraft lovers paradise, The Artisans Angkor.

Filled with handcrafted goods from Cambodia. Although some are quite expensive but rest assured they are of good quality. The next place we visited was the Market, where we bought souvenirs. I bought a shirt with an Angkot Wat embroidery!



After buying some pasalubongs, our tuktuk driver brought us to a Temple in Siem Reap filled with ornate sculptures. It was beautiful seeing how intricate the details are but you and I would even more amazed with the sculptures of a hundred plus years old site. So keep scrolling down and reading guys! 🙂

After our Temple tour, our driver led us to another Killing Fields monument made here in Siem Reap.


Then guess where are we now heading guys?!?! Get ready for a flood of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom photo escapades! We first bought a $20.00 ticket for entrance, be sure to keep the ticket as the guards would look and check for it. Also, never forget to bring your bottle of water, sunnies, a shawl or hat to keep you from the heat and never forget to put SPF on your exposed skin. It was around 10:00am when we started trekking to the site, imagine the heat of the sun that burns and hurts a lot. I seriously told my Mom that I’d very much would like to take a dip in the Mekong river no matter how murky and dark it is.

Walking towards the Angkor Wat Temple is like walking towards a hidden treasure you gotta have patience to get through the heat and windless walk or you’ll find yourself going back to the tuktuk. Inside the Angkor Wat seemed like an endless maze. I would be lost if not for the signs that point us to the interesting sites and exits.

After touring the Angkor Wat, we faced another arduous walk going back to the tuktuk. It was long drive going to the second site, Angkor Thom. Near the Angkor Thom was where Angelina Jolie shot her film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. We weren’t able to visit the site. I begged to be brought home, I was so tired and all my energy was drained. Hehe.

That evening we had our dinner at a restaurant and met with our friend, Sir Gomer with Pastor Joel. Pastor Joel is a Missionary here in Siem Reap along with his family. We had a good fellowship with Sir Joel and in the middle of the talk, my brother and I were invited by Sir Joel’s kids, Milcah and Mili along with other youth members to tour around Siem Reap’s Night Market. We had a nice bonding with the brethren there and came home tired but happy.






Next day was Sunday, and we were able to attend church in Siem Reap. I sang for the special number, I could tell you I was shaking and nervous. Thank God it was done! Hehe. We finished the morning service then Sir Joel brought us to the pick up site for our mini van going to Bangkok. It was just a short stay in Siem Reap, hopefully I can go back and bond with new friends.

My family would like to say thank you for Pastor Joel, his family and the church for the warm welcome, also for Sir Gomer for driving us to church and helping us with our bags. Hope to have another chance to visit Siem Reap. For my next blog, it would be the start of our Thailand adventure. Just 3 more countries to write down, stay with me and enjoy!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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