Hua Lumphong to Butterworth: The 24 hour ride



I’m used to travelling as a kid, whether it is by a car, plane or a ship that covers a 6-8 hour travel time. All I do is sleep on it and wake up to our destinations. If you have been following my blog this past few days, y’all know that I have just been to one of the longest trips of my life. Our 15-Day Asian Tour, right now I’m blogging about our final day in the Land of Smiles. Our next destination? MALAYSIA. 🙂

Months before our trip, I have googled endlessly on ways from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. My searches lead me to Hat Yai Station going to Padang Besar then riding a bus or train going to KL. Just until in Siem Reap, when I used the hotel’s free computer service that I learned about Hua Lumphong Station going to Butterworth then riding a bus or train straight to KL. So at least, I had two options on where to go and what to do. On my previous blog I mentioned how I took a mental note on the Thai people’s hospitality, it was because we had a clear plan on what station to go and to ride on going to Malaysia. Our receptionist, Ms. Aramjit was helpful enough to share her experience about the train ride from Hua Lumphong to Butterworth. At first, we couldn’t comprehend on where Butterworth is located, she then explained to us Butterworth is in Malaysia which made us all go, “Ahh.. I see” Haha. So, the first thing we did the next day after the Floating Market was to book a ticket in Hua Lumphong Station and the story goes on.

On our last day in Bangkok, we headed outside to the A-link, an establishment with shopping boutiques and restaurants connected to a train station. We ate at Subway, took photos and said our goodbyes with our good friend Sir John, who was with us from Vietnam to Thailand to assist us. He has to go back home to his family. 😦 🙂




And of course, like as always we took a photo of us and the hotel we checked-in.


Sir John took the train in A-link that has a direct station in Suvarnabhumi Airport, his flight was around 3:45pm while our train leaves on 2:45pm. We took the hotel taxi and went to the station 2 hours earlier from our designated time. Because it is always better early or…

32-nodither (1)

Waiting by the train station isn’t so bad. They have this huge TV screen where you watch Thai music videos that evoke the emotions of people in relationships. I tell you, most of their plots had something to do with a third party, cheating, a failed love story or a happy ending. By the time we were about to leave, I had been gulping on my sobs so as not to disturb anyone. Haha I’m such a crybaby with sad love stories and I get too emotional with cheating stuff. Not that anyone has cheated on me, I just get too sad. 😦 Now you guys know where to poke my heart. HAHA. Anyhoots, it made the time pass by and we were ready to board the train.

Platform 5. Wish there was 9 and 3/4.


I surely would love to come back and see more of Thailand. One day cannot suffice! But since we’re like contenders in this Amazing Race Asia, we have to move on. 😛

32-nodither (2)

The train had an upper and lower bunk. We chose 4 upper bunkers, which wasn’t what we quite expected. I was with my brother and my parents were together. We should have chosen 2 upper bunkers and 2 lower bunkers so all of us would be together. In case, you want to try this and you are with someone take the 2 lower bunkers , but if you want it cheaper take the 2 upper bunkers, it costs 1,125 Baht per bunk, the lower ones are around 1,200+ Baht. It’s like a double deck bed on the train. But the upper bunkers are only open by night time, in the morning you can seat on the lower bunker.

One bunk is for one person so 4 people seat on one row. At night 2 will sleep on the lower area and the other 2 will climb on the upper area. Don’t be shy to ask if you can exchange seats, so you won’t have a hard time chatting with your companion. They would gladly do so, also you wouldn’t worry of draining your smartphones and gadgets as there charging outlets all over the train. You’ll just have to wait for your turn. I would suggest that you charge your power banks so you wouldn’t have to worry in case all outlets are plugged. But if you are like me who doesn’t own any power bank (that time) and you really need to charge your phone you can simply ask and one will give way for you.

Comfort rooms and sinks are also provided, you can also shower, if you prefer to do so. Although it is a public toilet, my opinion use it in the early morning because that has just been cleaned. For food, a waiter goes around to provide you the menu and if you’re tight on your budget like ours it’s okay to bring food. The food on the train are quite expensive, it ranges from 100-300 Baht!


Pillows and blankets are also provided during the trip. If you’ll be sleeping in the upper bunker be prepared to get freezed by the air conditioner. Heehee. There are also curtains in every bunker to provide privacy in case you like to snooze with your mouth open, 😛 My brother and I had all sorts of conversation during the trip. It was a 24 hour ride, the next day we stopped by Padang Besar, which is the border of Thailand and Malaysia. You will be asked to bring all of your stuff to be checked in the Immigration and go back to the train. This time there is no need for seating arrangements and so each bunker are now catering to 2 people making it 8 in a row. We happened to seat beside a French couple and had some little chitchat before I dozed off to dreamland. We finally reached Butterworth, Malaysia around 2:00pm.

It was my longest ride and a memorable one too. I hope to make another trip and this time it is from Butterworth to Bangkok. 🙂 I’ll be blogging about our first day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tomorrow, stay tune!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

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