We are now on the last country for our Asian Trip and what a good way to end it by staying in the place where bubblegums aren’t allowed and every mistake you do is penalised with a fine. Seems a bit much? Nope, not really look at what Singapore is right now. Patterned after its symbol of the Merlion, it stands for prosperity and a staunch for discipline and cleanliness. Follow me on my last adventure here!

From my previous  blog, our bus has just arrived around 9:00pm in the Golden Mile Complex, where we all dropped off. The money changers were still open, so my dad went ahead to exchange for Singaporean Dollars. Then we headed to walk across the street to inquire how to get to Chinatown. We figured out that Chinatown, might have cheaper hotels like in Malaysia. So we asked for directions and it took us a few turns and tosses before we actually decided to take a taxi, the time was around 10:00pm.

Our taxi brought us to the Chinatown, where we got the shock of our lives on how expensive the rooms were. We headed to a backpacker’s inn where the only beds left available was a dormitory room for 14 different people, which kind of horrified my mum. Haha. She was worried of our stuff.



So walked again, it’s funny to think that we never do this in Manila! Walking by the streets at 11:00pm, with all our baggage. We looked like a bunch of stowaways! 😛 It was quite a tiring adventure for us, (ang ironic pakinggan diba?) and dad seemed really discouraged but after a few walks, we stopped by to pray for bit. After which we hailed a cab and my dad asked the driver if he knew any hotel that is cheaper, the driver jokingly replied, “This is Singapore, everything is EXPENSIVE.”, which made us all laugh. But he did bring us to a cheaper hotel, cheaper by their standard prices of course, it was on Middle Road, Bugis Junction the Hotel 81.

We checked-in for the night by the time of 2:00am and slept soundly. We woke around 9:00am, and headed outside to see the beauty of Singapore. This time, we chose to walk and use a map, in order to save us money. Hehe. I was the assigned map reader, I can thank Singapore for that, cause I learned how to read one, :-). Since I held the map, I told them we can walk straight to see Marina Bay, The Gardens, pass by the other Malls and tourist’s spots. After all they say the best way to enjoy Singapore is to WALK. 😛 The problem? It was RAINING. Ugh >_<


By the National Library. It became our landmark to know that we are near our hotel. Hehe


Here in Bras Basah Complex, my dad found a Thrift Store. Everything is sold in a lower price. We bought 2 litters of water for only .60 SGD each! I suggest you guys visit this store if you are trying to save money to last Singapore. 🙂 After a long walk along Bras Basah Road we went to Raffles City Mall take cover from the rain and window shop as well.

After the rain stopped, we walked again going to the Suntec City and Marina Square. By the time we reached Suntec, it started to rain a bit, good thing there was an underground pass that would bring us straight to Marina Square.



After a stroll on the Malls, the rain stopped once again and we headed to the Millennia Walk going to the Singapore Flyer. Dad wanted us to try it, he said “You won’t be able to say you’ve been to Singapore, unless you try the Singapore Flyer” Haha 🙂 It was pretty exciting for all of us, except mom who is kinda scared of heights.

Prior to boarding the Flyer, you’ll pass by a museum that would showcase how the Flyer was built. All details are there from how many passengers it could carry to the number of bolts used.

Inside the establishment are food stalls and souvenir shops. My parents bought their souvenirs here and we all ate at an Indian food stall. I had Biryani Chicken Rice, cause I miss rice! 😛 Plus, food is cheaper here compared to fast food chains. Our next destination was the Gardens by the Bay, but we had a little detour as Dad wanted to see the Floating Soccer Field up close.

We also visited the Esplanade Mall and it’s famous roof.

The Helix bridge. Patterned after a Human DNA. My Dad calls it “Ang Tulay na Stainless”-The Stainless Bridge


Then we headed back to see the Gardens and Marina Bay.

You know what made me fell in love with the place? It’s how beautiful and well-kept their plants are! Can you just imagine, a forest within a city, a fusion of modern structures and nature. It smells so fresh like you’re inside a virgin forest, untouched and unharmed.

After a few minutes of walking and renewing the air in our lungs, hehe, we decided to go back to the food stalls in the Flyer to buy our dinner and head back to the hotel to rest.



After freshening up a bit for another stroll that night. I told my dad that I wanted to see famous Orchard Road! But when we reached Plaza Singapura, we didn’t go any further as we felt so tired and our feet hurt a lot. Well, I told myself I’ll come back here perhaps some other time. 🙂


School of Arts! May I enrol here? Heehee




And that ends our Day 1 for Singapore. Not bad for starters, right? But tomorrow will be another adventure. I’m still thinking whether I should finish it all up tomorrow or divide it in two parts. Hmmm… we’ll see about that. 😉 I’ll keep you guys posted.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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