Strolling at Sentosa

Hey guys! Today, I decided to divide the last part of our Singapore adventure in two instead of finishing it all up today, for two reasons. One, there are tons of photos! Trust me, you’ll be scrolling and scrolling down. Two, it wouldn’t be nice to hurry off an adventure, right? Hehe, I’m currently having my #sepanx or separation anxiety from our trip and blogging about it, helps me relive the memories. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So let’s begin with the next day after our Orchard Road walk. It was Sunday and what is a good way on spending your first day of the week? Go to church. Yes, you read it right! We ought to be thankful for the whole week of no tragedies, despite some rough edges but God is good and He deserves the first and our best! But since we were new to the place finding the church to go was a bit difficult. Thankfully, we knew a church here in Singapore whose Pastor is a good friend of our home church, also with today’s internet I doubt that you would even have a hard time googling it. Needless to say, we were able to find the Shalom Baptist Church in 121 Dover Road and attended the morning service.

After which, we met good friends who were once members in our home church but since they currently live/work in Singapore they had to transfer their membership. Around past 12:00nn we left to go back to the hotel, but not before we took pictures with our brethren there.

Pinoy brethren. :-)
Pinoy brethren. 🙂

We ate lunch at the Shaw Tower’s Food Court (right side of Hotel 81), where we found cheap RICE MEALS!! *inserts emoticon of crying and jumping for joy* I forgot the name of the café, but I loved their Black Pepper Chicken. It was SPICY and the meal has a free juice for only 4 SGD! Compare it to a fast food chain’s burger that costs 3.30 SGD and wouldn’t even make me full. HAHA. 😛 After a hearty lunch, we rode a taxi going to Sentosa to buy tickets for the Universal Studios.

The Shaw Tower. The food court door is right beside Subway.
The Shaw Tower. The food court door is right beside Subway.

The taxi driver was so nice to inform us that we could save around 6-8 SGD if we are to be dropped by at the basement of the Resort’s World Casino instead of the Main Entrance. Which was a great tip for us! My dad was literally happy to hear that. Then he told us that there are several ways to enter Sentosa. You can take the train which is specifically designed for Sentosa, a cable car from Faber’s Peak or simply take a taxi. When dad learned of the cable car he immediately requested to be brought there instead, which made the driver laugh. 😀 It made me pretty excited except once again for my mom. HAHA.

Each car is capable of carrying 6 passengers and no worries, the car doesn’t rock with the wind. Although, you aren’t allowed to stand, I think my head just learned how to turn 360°C during this ride. Que horror! o_O Hehe. Our ride led us straight to Sentosa, near the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.


It was hot and sunny that day, whew! Unlike the other day where we can walk comfortably since it was raining and it was a bit cooler. Nevertheless, it’s time to explore Sentosa and it’s treasures. Heehee.

The next place we went to after passing by Sentosa Park’s sign was the Resorts World grounds and it’s amusement parks. We bought our tickets for tomorrow, which costs 74 SGD/persom. Then we roamed around for the remainder of the day.


By 5:00pm we rode a cab at taxi bay of the Casino basement and went to visit Bugis Village. Our new friend from church this morning, Sir Sigmund told us that you can find cheaper goods and souvenirs in that part of town. True enough, there were a lot! Though I wasn’t able to take photos of it, then we went to Raffles City Mall, where we found another food stall that sells rice meals for only 4 SGD dollars. We bought 4 boxes for take out and ate it back at the hotel. We started packing our things for tomorrow, it was going to be our last day and we certainly don’t want to cram from Universal Studios to the hotel just to pack. We might as well enjoy our final hours here in Singapore.

Tomorrow would be my last blog about our Universal Studios adventure until we head back home to Manila. 😉 *cries inside*

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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