Universal Studios Singapore

Before I would start, I’d like to apologize for the one day delay of my blog. It was Sunday yesterday and aside from church, I had a couple of things to do plus my cramps are quite intolerable. It’s that time of the month, where I would sometimes think being a woman can be so much pain. Nevertheless, I know it’s a normal process that every woman has to go through.

Enough of the woman subject for now, let’s begin with our last day in Singapore. From my last blog, I told you that we purchased our tickets for the amusement park, to save us from the fear that the tickets might run out. Haha. But no worries, it wasn’t peak season so it was just fine to purchase on site. As a kid, I loved amusement parks! Here in the Philippines we have two known parks, the Star City and Enchanted Kingdom. Amongst the two, the Enchanted Kingdom resembles the Universal Studios a little closely whilst the Star City offers the cheaper tickets. I’ve been to both parks and I would always love go there even today as an adult. 🙂

32-nodither (1)


Photo op by the Hotel 81 Bugis Sign. 🙂

The Universal Studios Singapore have 5 sections namely Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Egypt, and Sci Fi City. On the entrance you’ll first encounter Hollywood. Filled with souvenir shops and picturesque spots for newbies like me!


Then we decided to go left to the Madagascar and our rides began!

We only chose one ride on the Madagascar section, since most of it’s rides are for kids and because we are on a tight schedule, we had carefully pick our rides. This ride was more of a story telling ride, quite entertaining too! It made Dad panic when he thought we were all getting soaked by the falls which was actually a bluff. HAHA The camera took a picture of him hiding my mom’s bag, where most of our important documents are, in a plastic. Whilst my brother was getting a hold of our umbrella. 😀 😀 We went out laughing. Our next stop, the Far Far Away.

Our first ride here is the Enchanted Airways roller coaster. Mom was screaming at the top of her lungs throughout the whole ride, while my brother and I were laughing endlessly. 😀 We presumed that she could take it since it was a little roller coaster and there were ladies older than her who rode as well. Then she decided to take a rest instead, but I told her our next ride isn’t something that would give her a scream, so she went with us in the 4D adventure of Shrek. She loved it. The ride we picked next was the Puss in Boots, of course we left mom outside and dad went with her to go souvenir shopping. Me and my brother went in and had fun with all the twist and turns. The next section we went to was The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Sorry to disappoint but had I no photos in it. The ride we went to was a wet one and I had to leave my phone to my mom. I think my brother and I are the only ones who weren’t soaked 🙂


This ride offers a 4 SGD coat or a 5 SGD dryer for those who don’t want to get wet or to be dried up quick. But since we were saved from that, hehe, we the kiddie rides and headed to the Egypt section. Mummies!! o_O It was a dark and exhilarating ride, my brother really loved it that we went it for about 6 times. We memorized where the camera was, so when pictures were taken we were prepared with our poses. HAHA 😛 We asked mom and dad to try it as well, they did. Mom looked pale afterwards and she wouldn’t want to ride it ever again, while Dad find it amusing that he went in for the second time.


After the Mummy ride, the next section was the Sci Fi City where we all went to try the Transformer’s 4D Ride. Dad, me and my brother rode again while mom, though she loved it felt a bit nauseous and opted to stay behind.

Around 5:00pm we went back to the Hollywood area again to have pictures taken and left the park filled with memories.


We had our dinner in Raffles City Mall, then checked out from our hotel and hailed a cab going to Changi Airport. Huhu 😦 I have mixed feelings of missing the Philippines and my bed, as well as the sadness that our adventure is now coming to an end.

Happy 50th SG!! Thank you for the memories

Our 15 Day Trip is over, it was filled with happy memories. I feel really blessed to have this opportunity, someday I would like to return and explore more. But for now, I think my main target is conquer other countries first then come back to see them all again. My family and I are thankful to Sir John and his family for guiding us from Vietnam to Thailand, for Sir Rainier’s help in our accommodation in Phnom Penh, Sir Mike for the warm welcome in his church, Jake who was our tuktuk driver, Sir Joel, his family and the church in Siem Reap for the hospitality, Sir Gomer for the hotel reservations, my Tita Edna who guided us through FB on where to go in Singapore and of course to my readers for staying with me guys! xoxo

the end

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. If you have any questions about our trip and how we did it. Don’t hesitate leaving me a comment below. I’d love to help! :-* or simply leave me an email at nmgerona@gmail.com.

GIFs are from giphy.com


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