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*Spoiler Alert*

Hello Guyths! Nica’s Reading Nook is back after a two month hiatus. 😛 I have been quite busy after our Asian Trip and with school. Yes, I am back to my student life. I miss this kind of life, however the deadlines and assignments are not part of it. 😀 Haha. But of course, what kind of school would that be, right?


Anyhoots, I know y’all aren’t up to reading my list of alibis on why I missed posting about my Book Reading Challenge. So let’s get to it! Speaking of school, this book is related to it. Although, it is focused on the student’s life behind the scenes, mostly about pranks and a whole lot of misbehaviours. 😛

If you are a student aiming for that good behaviour grade, I suggest you don’t follow whatever the characters are doing in this book. NO matter how fun it sounds, and even if you aren’t DON’T even think about it. Haha. Basically, our main character here, named Pudge is living a mundane life in his previous school and has persuaded his parents to attend his Dad’s alma mater. Seeking that Great Perhaps.

great perhaps

Now, Pudge is no typical boy, he is hooked into memorizing the last lines of every famous person in history. I felt fascinated into that subject too. It kinda sums up that person’s life and it’s also borderline creepy. >_< Yet, hobbies are hobbies right? Hehe. Here we can see Pudge, is looking for that adventure of a lifetime and I think he has found it within the four corners of this school. In comes the Colonel, a notable prankster with a serious alcoholic problem. Boy, I can see this guy’s future in a hospital bed with an aching liver.  Takumi, the Japanese kid who is also a hip hop enthusiast. Lara, the sweet Romanian girl, of whom I really felt sorry for what Pudge did. Girl, you deserve better! Lastly, the emotionally unstable Alaska Young.

looking alaska

They complete the gang who can commit multiple pranks and never get caught. Well, most of those ideas where Alaska’s. This young voluptuous lady has a smoking problem, and I dunno why Pudge finds that fragrant. 😛 But of course, Pudge is Pudge and me is me #anodaw. Alaska has lived a life searching for an answer to a question that has always fascinated her.

“How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?”

You see, Alaska has suffered so much as a child from losing her mom in a situation where she felt, she was all to blame. It has haunted her every day, even up to her dying breath. Now, these group of kids are no misfits they certainly are smart in academics but in their social and personal aspects, in my opinion they do need some bit of guidance. Perhaps, John Green wanted to showcase the life of a teen whose childhood is filled with a wound that has never healed.

And this book is an eye-opener for us to be mindful of people suffering emotionally from past hurts. To assess their needs and to remind them that to get out of their suffering is to learn to forgive. Forgive themselves.


Also, I’d like to point out that it is very important to choose your friends and influence them to the right path. Peer pressure is very strong, but you gotta make a stand. You won’t be able to help someone emotionally out of their pain if you can’t stand on your own principles. So if you ever want to read this book, be sure to pick out the good lessons and leave the bad. Happy reading!


Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. Next book is Taking Chances by Molly McAdams– the book a friend recommended. Hopefully, I can finish this, aja!

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