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My friend Acque kept telling me to read this book by Molly McAdams and I kept saying yes, but like always I forget. I’m such a good friend right? Hehe 😛 Now in my Reading Challenge, I opted to read this book and cross out the book a friend recommended category. In reading, I realized I should have used the book with a love triangle category. Thankfully, Molly McAdams wrote another book in a first-person narrative that fits the category, which I would write later at the end of this post.

So our love story begins, with a girl, named Harper raised in a home or should I say a house by the most apathetic dad. I mean, how bad must’ve she felt when you can’t even call your father, “dad” or “pop” rather you call him “sir” like your not even related to him. o_O Imagine how a child must have felt, when your dad wouldn’t even talk about your mom or smile at your jokes. Shows like he’s fed up with raising you and can’t wait that you leave. That sucks! >_<


No wonder our little heroine, who grew up with a bunch of jar heads grab the chance of an adventure away from an unloving environment she grew into and went to a University in California.


A typical girl, no boyfriends since birth, goes au natural, and doesn’t even have a fashion sense. Unless, you think military pants are the new “in”. She meets her first ever girl friend, Bree who teaches her the basics of being a girl. From wardrobe, to make up, having boyfriends and partying, she sure did learn a lot. Although at first she definitely, flunked with her social skills. Well, at least her new friend wasn’t like Regina George from the Mean Girls, or I bet she would go back to being with the jar heads in no time. >_<


Despite one to no social skills at all, Harper’s vulnerability is such a huge turn on for the boys in the campus. She sure did caught two hotties and earned the ire of most women. They were best friends by the name of Brandon and Chase (Bree’s older brother). Like any love story, Chase and Brandon are two opposite poles. One is a party-goer, alcoholic, womanizer and the other is your studious type, sweet, gentlemanly but secretly a vicious fighter in the underground ring. Who’s you pick?? 😉 Of course, Harper fell for Brandon and his good nature. They fell in love instantly and everything was happening too fast. But what made me admire Brandon, was how he valued Harper and her womanhood. He respected her that he wouldn’t want anything to happen between them, which is really rare for some. *clap clap*

Now, let’s not all judge Chase too quickly, he made mistakes and learned from them. Ever since falling in love with Harper, he was the guy who longed for her love and threw all his vices away. I could tell you how heartbreaking this story is and I cried tons! I feel genuinely sad for Chase when he couldn’t get Harper’s full trust and love, with Brandon for being cheated on and with Harper’s confusion. I felt confused too. Chos! Feel na feel. Hahaha 😀

The Orange Lily. Harper's favorite flower.
Harper’s favorite flower. An orange lily.

I’m such an emotional person, books or movies with this kind of theme makes me cry, except the cheating part. If I were Bree, I would have slapped Harper into her senses. Good thing, I wasn’t Bree! Hehe. But like all love stories, only one can really be with you while the other can either be a beautiful memory or a horrible nightmare. This book, is not just about love it is more on second chances. A second chance from your mistakes, a second chance to heal and a second chance to love again. Happy Reading!

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Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. Next is a book with a love triangle– Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams. I have to prepare myself for another session of crying. Hahaha.

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