*Spoiler Alert*

This is a delayed post of my take on Molly McAdam’s Stealing Harper and it’ll be a short one too. It is just a sequel of the book Taking Chances, using a first-person narrative on Chase’s point of view. I told myself from my previous book reading that I would prepare myself for another crying session. Teehee.


Thankfully, I mustered up my courage (ang OA pakinggan ah, haha) and didn’t cry bucket loads of tears unlike with the first book. But like with the first reading, I still couldn’t tell myself if I were in Harper’s shoes (hopefully not), who would I choose? It is not that I tolerate cheating or what but I’d like to really be into the character. How frustrated could she be? The regrets, heartaches and most especially the loss.

But looking into Chase’s mind, we can see his struggle too. I kinda want to give him a kick in his groin for not going after Harper and thinking that she is too good for him. Well, she is at first, but if only Chase made the first move. Things wouldn’t be so complicated, right? Yet, there would be no story. Hehe.

The part that made me cry the most, was when Chase was struggling with death. On the accident site, all memories of frustrations and triumph flashes through his eyes. His what ifs, and if only questions. Seeing the future of not being able to hold his child and the sorrowful part where he had to hear Harper calling out his name. He couldn’t even reply. *bawls, with a handful of tissues by the side* Though Harper, happened to have a good life in the end, for Chase that was it. But his memory with them continues to live on.

So grab the chance when you have. Never doubt. Take the risk. But of course, be cautious as well. Weigh the consequences and most importantly do what is right.

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Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. Next is a book a mystery or thriller–Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl


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