Ask Nica x Chen

Hello! I’m pretty excited to announce my first video collaboration with my blogger best friend. Charlene “Chen” Esteves of Sim Sala Bim and I have been planning on this collab for months, but not until recently she started opening a poll on her site to collect questions from her readers.


The questions according to her are about love and life. Why?? Heehee. Though we claim no expertise on both, we’ll try our best to answer those and give some bit of advice based on our experiences, on the books we’ve read and of course on our parent’s and mentor’s advices. Heehee #oldschool

So stay tune my dear folks! Hope it won’t be an awkward video shoot, since we’ll be doing it in my room. Gah! Speaking of which, I gotta clean. Hahaha 😀

Thanks Chen for allowing me to use this logo!

BTW, kindly greet my bff’s blog on her 1st bloggerversary (I coined that term heehee) on and ask her for giveaways too! Kidding.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

GiFs are from


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