So last October 7 was my birthday. Eeeep! This post is way overdue. >_< But since October hasn’t end yet, heehee, allow me to share to you about the 23 things I learned in my 23 years of existence on earth. 🙂


  1. I learned how to make Homemade Ice Cream. 😛 *claps for myself!*– Learned that from Gemma.
  2. Your best asset is your SMILE. This quote is overused but it’s true. smile freak
  3. Coffee is best paired with Cinnamon. *Woot! Woot!* I wasn’t fond of Cinnamon before, not until I came across qkatie’s Youtube channel.
  4. Don’t expect too much from others.
  5. Learn and still learning to be still. Cause I panic or stress out too much.
  6. Sleep is PRECIOUS. Which I am sure most of you will agree.sleepy
  7. Ask for help. Don’t be shy. Don’t take all the stress and problems alone. You’ll go craaazzzyy!!
  8. Nothing but a swish of mascara would perk up your look. Just be sure to take it off before you hit the sack. mascara
  9. Nothing beats a good adventure on the road, or plane. Teehee.
  10. I am 26% fluent in French. That’s according to my Duolingo tests. Heehee. Merci 🙂
  11. Doubts won’t get you anywhere. Confirm them, straightforward.
  12. Communication, time and trust are the major building blocks in a relationship. Not to mention, prayer as well. 🙂
  13. Some things are worth waiting for.
  14. Books are your best friends. book
  15. Always listen to your mum. Or parents, for that matter.
  16. A soft answer turns down the heated tension. So be kind.
  17. Words can pierce the very soul. At times, the tone of how you say it matters as well.
  18. When angry, just bite your tongue, take a deep breath and walk away. It’s better than to start a brawl.
  19. A good cry lets out all your heartaches. Don’t hold grudges, it’ll make you old. Teehee. cry
  20. Always aim for the best. That is, in all that you do. Never settle for mediocrity.
  21. Always find time to learn a new vocabulary.
  22. Sometimes, being a know-it-all may sound a bit arrogant.
  23. Have fun! Because your birthday only brings you closer to your death date. Morbid. But true. 😛

happy birthday

So that’s it! Well, there actually more lessons I learned and would learn in the next years to come. I am just happy that school is finally over for three weeks. Alas, I could finally concentrate to my Book Reading Challenge. Whew! Also, I’d like to thank my friends and family for the greetings and kind words. xoxo.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. Ask Nica x Chen 2 is coming real soon! WOF it. ^_^.

GIF’s are from giphy.com


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