October Favorites

This is my first post regarding my top favourite items for the month of October. Although, I wouldn’t leave promises that I could do this regularly. As I am always in a tight schedule (try imitating Helena Bonham’s character Bellatrix Lestrange “she-djule”) 😛. Up on my list are just four items.

1. Forever 21 Leggings. 295php/leggings

Sooooo comfy!!
Sooooo comfy!!

My first leggings were bought to be used under a high-slit military green dress we bought in Forever 21. I AM OBSESSED!! Every time my black leggings would be newly washed, I would immediately use it. Teehee. So, I decided to buy new ones so as not to wear and tear my poor black leggings. I ended up buying two pieces! I took the navy blue and black pieces, because these colours are easily matched with any piece of clothing. Plus, the comfy cold weather albeit humid is perfect for snuggling your legs minus the constricted feeling. It also goes well with my second favourite. 😉

2. Figlia Boots with Tassels.

Boots with a fur would be inappropriate for the Philippine weather. Tassels would do.
Boots with fur would be inappropriate for the Philippine weather. Tassels would do.

I couldn’t remember how much I bought these lovely brown boots (yep, they’re brown, sorry, poor lighting conditions). I think I bought these two around 2012. I just knew I wanted them, the moment I laid my eyes on them. Actually, I had black boots before from the same brand, but I have outgrown them. And because boots are so perfect for the “Ber” months, I couldn’t resist! If only fall was one of the seasons here. Heehee.

The last two are hair-related. My hair has been recovering so far from stress and mismanagement. I used to have it rebonded for every 6 months, since 2009 and stopped around 2013. The chemicals and stress have taken toll and my hair lacked lustre. 😦 So, I had to avoid heat styling (though I do it rarely), chemical treatments and excessive tugging. These two favourites are basically a part of my routine to healthy, longer, stronger hair. It’ll take time and so far, my hair has been more softer and grows a bit faster than before (at least from my perspective). The main lessons I guess I learned is to use the right products, shampoo less, condition the ends more, sleep, and hydrate.

3. Shine Moist’s Ionic Keratin Spray. 299 php at Watsons

Smells like Sampaguita.
Smells like Sampaguita.

The number one rule when you want to style your hair is to use a heat protectant. This genie in a bottle is both a leave-in conditioner and heat spray. Helps tame down my frizz and my porous ends were supple as ever. It leaves a bit of a Sampaguita scent after spraying it on towel-dried (I use a T-shirt) hair. Though, it fades as the hair dries, but still leaves it smelling really good. With or without heat styling, every time I clean my hair (Saturday afternoons and Wednesday nights), I simply spray it thoroughly on my ends and a bit on my mid-length section. I have shoulder-length, wavy hair, so I try avoiding to spray near the scalp area. Instead, as I finger-combed my hair to distribute the product, I massage my scalp a bit, then wash my hands. This bottle is a life-saver for dry hair. Really saved my locks.

4. Paganini Bristle Brush. Around 140-160php.

Processed with VSCO

While strolling at the Hypermarket near our school, I came across the hair section. I’ve always wanted to buy a paddled hair brush, after I watched Beautifully Bookish’s straightening techniques for wavy haired girls. The video will be posted in the end of this blog. I was at first intimidated that it would further ruin my hair. Thankfully, it didn’t. My hair feels really soft and tangled-free with this brush. Although I wouldn’t recommend using this on wet hair! Yikes!

So there you have it. My October favorites, hope you find them interesting as much I do. What are your favourites this month? Leave me a message on the comments below! xoxo

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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