November Favorites

Hello guys! I know this post is a day delayed (here in the Philippines), but since we live in different timezones, the title might be a bit passable. Ha! Excuses, excuses. Lelz. So, I will be sharing to you my favourites this November. Side Note: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands, people mentioned here. I simply love this/them and bought those with my own money.

My favorites this November are mainly composed of two hair products, two skin care products and two people I am currently OBSESSED with in Youtube, that I really had to include them with my November favourites.

2015-12-01 04.24.34 1.jpg

Let’s start of  with…

Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Okay, so I did not buy this bottle, but it was given as a gift for me and my mum. But I placed the bottle in my bathroom. Haha. I have very dry skin, which I probably got from my Dad (thanks Dad, haha). My legs are really scaly looking, forms white patches. Eew! You could actually write stuff with my legs using your nails! >_< So, I am always in the search for non-greasy, moisturizing lotions. Living in the Philippines, where the weather is always humid, lotions are making the stickiness worse.

This lotion by Aveeno is the BOMB! Well, for my opinion. It made my legs look and feel smoother. It lessened the feeling of stickiness and the effect lasts for a day. Sadly, this bottle is not locally found in grocery stores and would cost a lot. But, I found one where I could buy this specific type in a lesser price. Heehee. For now, I am currently enjoying my smooth sailing legs. Woot! Woot!

Dove’s Refreshing Care Dry Shampoo: 232PHP

Now, if you know what I posted on my last Favorites blog. You’ll know that I am currently dealing with my hair. Trying to gain that healthy hair, you now? Hehe. And part of dealing with your hair, is trying to prolong the days of not shampooing your hair. Now, I am also aware that we have different scalp conditions, so I suggest that you check whether you have an oily scalp or a dry scalp. I get oily after day 3 of not washing my hair, unless I sweat heavily on the 2nd or 1st day (after shower). My solution? DRY SHAMPOO.

I first heard about dry shampoo on an interview with Amanda Seyfried. I was like, “Dry shampoo? Hmm..”. I began searching on the beauty blogs here in Manila whether there are locally available dry shampoos. I tried a lot of brands and I already found one I love, however the store stocks up so slow as ever. It would take months before they would get the item stocked up, plus it was pretty expensive.

Then I found out about this Dove Dry Shampoo. It’s cheaper, smells good and EFFECTIVE. It works for all hair types, no white residue. This, I will definitely repurchase. You may find this on Watson’s, SM Beauty Bars, Cash and Carry and etc.

Pantene’s Detangler Spray for Fine Hair: 200+PHP (lost my receipt,sorry)

I bought this at SM Hypermarket Pasig, to help relieve the snagging, tugging and tangling of my hair. I have wavy, fine hair that is prone to frizzing and breaking. This detangling spray leaves my hair soft, detangled and smelling good. Now, for the frizziness aspect it lessens the frizz a bit. But if you really want to totally tame your frizz, use some serum along with this.

Bioré’s Cleansing Face Wipes: 238PHP

I barely wear make up. But when I do, I always have a hard time removing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love make up but I do believe that most girls would agree on the struggle of removing it. Especially, the eye makeup! Then I found about Bioré’s Cleansing Wipes. Bioré is a product of a Japanese Cosmetic Brand and these wipes are truuuuly aahh-mazing. I use only around 2 wipes for my whole face, including the eyes. Its gentle, yet tough on make up. They come in a facial wipe’s packaging type or on a plastic casing (which costs around 300+PHP). Bioré products could be found in Watson’s stores and Cash and Carry Grocery Store.

We are now nearing the end of my favorites. The last two, are two vloggers in Youtube that I follow and watch relentlessly. Okay, now that may sound exaggerated but really, I tend to watch around 5 or more videos from these two! So here we go…

Katie Quinn/Qkatie

I first encountered Qkatie on Facebook. When a friend of mine shared a video about “Skillet Brownies”. I got pretty curious, and curiosity led me to subscribe to her channel. I really love Katie’s energy and deep love for food. Cause I have a deep love for FOOD too. Haha. Well, it’s pretty obvious with my waistline. Say whuut?!?! But, I’m currently curbing my sugar rush.

If you have been reading my blogs, you probably know that I have recreated some of Katie’s recipe and will be posting another one, soon. Check out her channel guys, subcribe and follow her as well on her Snapchat: qkatie.

Here is one of my favorite videos from Qkatie:

Nikki Phillippi

Nikki, is the bubbliest, prettiest, funniest girl I ever knew, in Youtube. I first learned of her channel while surfing for short to medium length hairstyles. I was attracted by her charm. You know the kind of person that is sincere and a woman who speaks her mind. No pretentious actions or whatsoever. That is Nikki. I have been watching her videos, yes even the old ones and is pretty excited for her upcoming Vlogmas.

Did I also mention how I adore her relationship with her hubby? You can definitely see a connection and a deep one at that part. So all I could say is do check her channel out in Youtube. She has three which are, TheGangMagazine, NikkiPhillippi and ThePhillippis. She also has a Snapchat account: nikkiphillippi.

So those are my favorites this November! I can’t promise to do a December one too, since I don’t really buy much stuff. But, in case I would, it’ll pop out in your email inboxes. Heehee

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!



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