NicaCanWrite Turns ONE!

HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to my blog! I am way too excited to celebrate this milestone in my blogging passion. I can’t help but congratulate myself in some way that I was able to keep this up for ONE YEAR. Despite the times, where my posts were scarcely seen and only a few readers notice it. It is indeed something to be happy and thankful for. So let me thank the following for pushing me to continue my blog, and just ENJOY writing!

First of all, to God, for without His guidance and blessings, I wouldn’t be able to come up with ideas in improving my blog. It is with His blessings that this year of 2015 is colorful enough to be blogged. The travels, recipes I learned, books I read are all by Him. You may say, “But you did that all?” Still without His guidance and wisdom, I wouldn’t be able to push through my blog, knowing how I love to procrastinate. Lelz.

Second, to my Parents. My number one supporters, who encouraged me with my writing. Even if it only was a hobby, still they pushed me. Thanks Mum and Dad, for believing that I can do this, and now I am celebrating its first year.

Third, to my friends and boyfriend. Chen, for encouraging me to start up this blog as a platform to improve my writing skills and as a virtual diary of my life too (Check out her blog on Acque, for being my first proof reader, and checking whether my content are interesting or not. Sunny, my boyfriend who cheered me on and is quite proud of my accomplishments, even if they might be nonsense to some.

Fourth, is to YOU. Yes, I am talking to you or rather writing to you. Thank you for reading my blogs. Even if its plain and some content might not seem interesting for some. Still thank you, your views, likes and comments mean a lot to someone like me. I am glad that in some way I can help through my experiences in life or at least relate with you. So really, thank you and I hope to see you till my 2nd and more anniversaries to come. Who knows? I just might give my first giveaway by then. Heehee.

For now, all I could do is just to thank you all and pray that in the coming years, NicaCanWrite might just bloom into something big. After all, dreams are just the beginning of an adventure. 🙂


Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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