Thankful for 2015

In just a few minutes it’ll be a new year and the skies would soon be filled with wondrous fireworks, loud singing of Auld Lang Syne and thousands of greetings around the world of a Happy New Year!

But before 2015 ends, I just want to list down the things I am thankful for. This would be a random list of what happened this year. ^_^

  1. Our Asian Trip: It would probably be the highlight of my 2015. Or should I say, it is the highlight of my 2015. Being able to push through our 15 day long family trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore is really a life-changing event. Finally understanding the different cultures getting to taste their food was truly a one of a kind experience. I could say that it wouldn’t definitely be our last, in fact there are plans laid out for this coming year. Heehee *crossing fingers*. You may view more about our Asian Trip under my Travel section or under the tag LesVoyagesdesNica.
  2. My Blog: Recently, I just celebrated my blog’s first anniversary (December 9), which is a milestone for a newbie blogger like me. Since my blogging is basically a hobby, I am quite proud to have lasted with it in a year. Even if I am not posting quite often, still you guys are here. So thank you to you all too!
  3. Back to school: Yes, you read it right. I am indeed back to school. But it isn’t your typical school. It’s actually a Bible school and I am taking up Theology, which is probably the reason why I haven’t been posting much. Lelz. But anyhoots, I am enjoying school despite the tons of assignment given to us this Holiday season..ugh! Haha.
  4. New Friends: Even though I am the oldest female in class and probably on most males as well. Thanks for treating me like an older sister and being such good friends. I know sometimes I may sound like any big sister would (haha, not stereotyping okay??) still, I am thankful for the friendship. Hoping to bond more with all of you and make good memories for the next 2 years. Ooooh!
  5. Banana Republic (Not the clothing brand, guys): It is a name we gave our group or in Filipino term “barkada”. They are my college friends whom I treat like my literal siblings. I love them soo much and I am always thankful of meeting such good people. If you are wondering why would we name ourselves bananas, it came from our Nutrition Class during College. Anyhoots, each of us has a specific type of banana that represents us. May sound lame, but it is what it is. 🙂

    Processed with VSCO
    (R-L) Cedric, Patty (the couple), Bob (the budding sculptor), Me, Sunny (my boyfriend), Chen (visit her site in, Acque (the HP fanatic), Miggy (aka Don Pacundo) and Karla (ever bubbly). An incomplete picture of us. 😦 Missing AJ, Emerson, Ericson, and Sarah. Till next time guys!
  6. Local Family Trips: Aside from the Asian Trip, my family and I also took time to explore our country. Recently, we have been to Puerto Galera and The Hundred Islands, in case you want to visit the Philippines don’t hesitate to visit those beautiful places. Read more on my Travel section.
  7. Meeting with good Old Friends: It took us six years and a few months before our planned meet-ups came to happen. Yes, my best friend since pre-school days (1998)! After high school we parted ways in our college courses but not our hearts and thank goodness for technology! It made our communications easier indeed. We are actually now planning to meet up every after 2 months. Hopefully this will come to pass!

    Processed with VSCO
    Me and my best friend “Lady Di”
  8. Le Boyfriend: Yep, you all read it right. In Filipino culture to have a boyfriend would require months, at times a year and to others weeks would suffice, of courting. When the girl says yes, that day would be their anniversary day. That magic happened last June 6 of 2015. ^_^ Looking forward for our first year this coming 2016. ❤ ❤ ❤Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  9. Family: Because this year would not be complete without our families. I would not consider our family rich or what, but I would say that we are blessed. Blessed to have what we need and want, blessed that we are indeed a happy family.
  10. GOD: For He is the source of all this blessings and the source of another set of blessings this coming 2016. He deserves all the glory and praise for all that He has done!

There are still a lot to be thankful for this 2015 but this are my main 10 for this year. Never forget to be thankful too for everything you have and will have on the coming year! BTW I just received an email of my blog’s progress from WordPress. Ooooooh, exciting!  😛 Click it down below.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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