Coffee Break

Hello guys! It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been really busy with school and there are preparations being made for two upcoming events in our church this February. Not to mention the Midterm exams that I have to take. Ugh #studentlife. Anyway, I’ll be sharing of my experience with an indie cafe located here in Market Ave. near Parkwoods Subdivision, Pasig City.

I have always been a big fan of coffee, particularly the known coffee brands (you know exactly what I mean haha). But when it comes to indie cafes, I’m a bit picky. So it took time before Sunny could convince me to give Coffee Break a try. I also thought about giving my palate something new to taste. After all, life has a lot to offer. ^_^ When I entered the place, my first reaction was to how dainty and pretty the place was!

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The view outside. Market Avenue
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Intricate chandeliers
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Fancy Light Decors
Processed with VSCO
A Victorian-Bohemian inspired look
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Great place for people who love purple and pink!
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For the love of Coffee…
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Table tassels

It was a feast for the eyes! However, the air conditioning unit wasn’t turned on when we came so it was freakishly humid. I do understand that since there weren’t any clients in it, aside from the staff, it would be better for the electric consumption. It was around 12nn by that time.

The staff were commendable with how they accept their clients graciously and patiently waited on our orders. Though of course, we were the only ones that time. The store’s menu is filled with drinks, from water to tea, coffee to fruit shakes, and mojitos as well. The meals were mainly sandwiches and pancakes, they also offer what cafe’s call “chef’s special menu” which aren’t included on the menu but are seen in the counter. Those are pastas, fries and burgers.

Prices range from 50 to 120php which is quite cheaper that my usual coffee brand to go. 🙂 I ordered an Aleya Nutella in Large and Sunny ordered a Cafe Latte and Fries. I was looking for their cakes and pastries, but sadly the staff told me that it wasn’t delivered yet. Bummer >_<. Anyhoots, we already had our lunch, so this was just knick knacks and coffee drinks. It took a while before our order was given, but we didn’t mind as we were entertained with the free wifi. Lelz.

Processed with VSCO
Aleya Nutella in LARGE. BTW, isn’t that the daintiest tissue paper?? 🙂
Processed with VSCO
Cheesy fries and mayo dip
Processed with VSCO
Cafe Latte plus a complimentary coconut choco chip cookie

Taste testing! The Aleya Nutella was okay, but far from the taste of Nutella. It tastes more of the chocolate found in the Stick-O which is still okay with me, since I like Stick-O’s, but I really expected a “hazelnut-ty” kind of punch. Presentation wise, it looked pretty. For the Cheesy fries, it tastes like the usual fries you order. I notice that they are a bit wet and soggy, but can be tolerated with the mayo dip. I forgot to ask for a fork since I don’t want to eat messy, so I used the spoon stirrer instead. Lelz. The Cafe Latte. I really should have ordered this. Haha. It was my kind of coffee, creamy but bitter. Though the presentation was similar to the “Grim” in Harry Potter’s teacup. Lelz.

Photo by: imtodumbtocomeupwithawittyname.tumblr

Overall, it was a nice experience to try indie cafes for even once. Perhaps, I might get to try out the cafes all over the Metro. Oooooh, now that’s exciting! If you happen to be in Pasig do visit this nice cafe in Market Avenue.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!




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