Fitness Goals 2016 1

*DISCLAIMER: This post is like a diary of my fitness journey. I am in no wise a trainer or nutritionist, just a nurse following what she knows about health and fitness. Still, I would advise that you consult a physician, trainer and nutrionist for optimum health and fitness results. After all each of us are uniquely made.*

Last 2015, I embarked on a weight loss journey. I am not the girl with a whopping 300lbs weight, 40 to 50 in waistline and so. I was a 55 kgs girl (that’s 121 lbs), with a waistline of 31 in. I lost 7 kgs in a span of almost 5 or 6 months.

Within those months, I controlled my sugar cravings, exercised 5x a week with 40 minutes in an Eliptical Machine. I removed carbs fom my diet and stuck with vegetables and fruits. I lost weight, fit well on clothes, my tummy bulges were barely seen, a lot of people noticed the change and it felt great. I felt like I could shove my pride with all the people who doubted me, called me fat, or whatever.

But right after a medical situation in the family, plus a boosting pride that “I finally did it”. I then clamoured back into the arms of sugary cravings, excessive eating and zero exercise. Within a few months time, I gained most of the weight I lost. Then all the names of “fat” came along, tummy bulges, and clothes that once fit were making me look like “suman”.

Well, it did hurt to hear those again seeing that I was able to conquer it. But now, it is different. I decided to take a step by step approach for me. I read articles of people who love their bodies but would like to be fitter. Not skinny thin like what most media promotes. But the fitter, stronger body. The solution: Healthier meals and exercise.

Just last January 4, 2016, I asked my brother’s help. This time, no losing of weight but rather making my body stronger, more of the muscle type thing. But not really super muscled like joining the Body Building Contest. I wanted to be more toned.

My stats that time were 31 in waist, and weighing 52 kgs. I know there is more to measure for the beginning of a fitness routine but I am making with what I can and have. So starting with that intro, I took cardio and strength exercises every Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat.



My diet should be balanced. I took off rice, but still have carbs in many other ways. I lessened my sugary cravings. Take note, LESSENED. I tend to get super cray cray without a week of chocolate. So I allowed myself to only one dark 70% and above chocolate piece.

There were also times where I ate rice. But I controlled it to a cup only. I drink tons of water and brought home packed meals for lunch at school, so I won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy foods. When I feel starving, I start off with water, then a small meal. Usually, our tummies would like to make us believe that we should eat a lot. So, what I’d do is that I would eat what I think is enough for my plate and just enjoy the meal. After that, I would realize that one meal is enough, no need for the second or third plate coming.

Today, January 25, 2016, I checked if there was any progress on my Fitness Goals. The results: 29 in waistline and 50 kgs weight! 😊😊😊No matter how little the progress is, it is still progress. With that I am proud of myself and my brother who patiently taught me. Hehe. I know now that I might not end up skinny as what the world dictates. But I can be fitter and to me that sounds more sexier.

Next Fitness Goals login: February 15, 2016

Merci beaucoup et Γ‘ bientΓ΄t!

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