FBF: Vigan-Pagudpud

So just today I decided to blog about my previous adventures here in my beloved country, Philippines. I will be posting those Flashback Fridays on a Friday of course, every week. This would be a five part series on our family road trips. This week, we would be starting with our Ilocos Adventure which happened on November 2012. Whew! That was indeed a long time. 😊😊😊

Allow me to give you a heads up about Ilocos. Prior to the Spanish regime, Ilocos was called Ylokos which meant “from the lowlands”. This huge region lies in between the China Sea on the east and the Northern Cordilleras on the west. On February 2, 1818 the Ilocos region was divided into Sur (South) and Norte (North).

Today, the Ilocos region is home to numerous historical sights and homes of Philippine heroes (the husband-wife duo Gabriela and Diego Silang, GomBurZa Priests) during the Spanish war. It is also the place of birth by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. (Source: www.ilocossur.gov.ph)

Our trip lasted for 3 days and mind you it was an unplanned one too! Dad just decided that he wanted us to go to Ilocos to buy their famous blankets 😆. We were suppose to take the bus, which thankfully didn’t push through. We used our car instead and like always I slept throughout the ride.

We reached Ilocos around midday and surprise visited our good friend. He showed us a nice place to stay in which was a pension house called the Da Home located in San Vicente. It is a ride away from the famous historical streets of Vigan. Our room was a two queen size bed, with cable TV, free wi-fi connection, a comfort room complete with showers and your own garage. We availed the no breakfast package, as we wanted to eat outside.

This is our second time in Ilocos, the first trip was more adventurous and we stayed in our friend’s house that time. But since we went on an unplanned visit, we gladly took the pension house as another option. We also didn’t go to see the Museums again. Though, I would love to visit, perhaps some other time. Instead, we went shopping!

2016-01-24-11-23-25-2 (1)
Vigan and its charm. Cobblestones are well preserved. Cars aren’t allowed to enter only horse carriages are used as modes of transportation.

My mum and dad were able to buy blankets. If my memory serves me right I think it was two full plastic bags of blankets. No, they are not obsessed with blankets. They are going to sell those back here in Manila. We are all about that #entrepreneuriallife 😁😁😁.

The streets that night was bustling and amidst that we met with our good friend once again and had dinner in a fancy restaurant. I couldn’t remember exactly what the place is, sorry this are 2012 memories. Lelz.

After a hearty dinner and walkathon/ shopping/ picture-taking. We went home and invited our good friend’s sister to come join us on our road trip early next morning for Pagudpud.

Pristine!! 😍😎😍😎
Dad’s Rules in Travelling: Always bring baon.

Pagupud is known as the Boracay of North. Located in Ilocos Norte, where the capital town is Laoag. Famous for its white beaches, untamed waves, crystal clear waters and best of all there were only a few people who come over. For now…😟😝. I just hope that they would maintain its natural beauty.

It was a long ride from Vigan to Pagudpud but I am pretty sure, I slept through it all. HAHA. It was really a good idea to bring along our friend’s sister. She was our guide during our visit to the North.

We met a Pastor in the place who knows our friend and thankfully, he was kind enough to help us locate a cheaper nipa hut to rent out for the beach. My dad is a man of thrift. He’d rather experience the “Survivor: Island Adventure Mode” than spend tons on luxurious hotels.

Nothing wrong if you want fancy inns, but I’d like to stick with my Dad’s methods. At least we get to stretch out our budget and enjoy life’s simplicities. My brother and I enjoyed the swim, despite the heat of the sun. After all, you have to enjoy life 😊😌.

After the swim, we had lunch with the Pastor and his family. He then toured us around the famous Hannah’s Resort which was new. On my first visit, there was no Hannah’s Resort yet. For some reason, we were allowed to enter despite having no tickets or check-ins. We just toured around. I wonder if you could still do that, or you have to pay for a tour.

Hannah’s gives you that Hollywood theme park kind of feeling. With its gigantic statues of dinosaurs, Transformers, Marvel and DC Heroes. It sure is an eye candy to behold.

The main attraction for me was the lush plants planted around the villa. It was relaxing and the huge “Palayok” (clay cooking pot) in the middle was a great added “Pinoy” touch. The houses were fancy and probably the check in would be expensive. 😂😭 Tripadvisor gives a 3.5 ranking on this villa today. A 7 hectare land situated on the Blue Lagoon shores.


After a long walk, picture-taking and sun-burning. Lelz. We left feeling fulfilled and headed back to Vigan. But of course, our adventure still continues…next Friday.

Goodbye for now!

For more information: Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!








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