FBF: Bantay Abot Cave-Bangui Windmills-Kapurpurawan

Hello Guys! FBF series (or Flashback Fridays, I know it’s so 2k12. Haha) is back for the part two of our unplanned Ilocos trip. The first part ended after we were going home from the Blue Lagoon shores in Pagupud and heading back to Vigan.

On our way back, our good friend’s sister asked us of what places we visited during our first time in Ilocos. After enumerating the numerous tourist places we went to, she then guided us on new places to see in Ilocos.

Our first stop…

The Bantay Abot Cave. Located in Baloi, Ilocos Norte is a wondrous geological formation caused by an earthquake. The cave’s name is derived from the meaning “a mountain with a hole”. (Source: Vigan In Tourism) True to its name, we did encounter a huge hole.

I can’t remember if we paid for any entrance or environmental fee. But we surely didn’t pay any fine. Lelz. You will find that most tourist sights in Ilocos Norte are situated by the seashore.

For the second stop…


The Bangui Windmills, one of Ilocos Norte’s must see attraction. Built in the 1990’s by the province’s former governor and this country’s former President Ferdinand Marcos. Located in Bangui, this wind farm houses and uses 20 units of 750 meters of Vestas Wind Systems. Arranged in one line across the shore facing the South China Sea. (Source: Philippine Tourist Attractions)

Parking fees were paid when we went. It was sandy! 😝 But of course, it’s a BEACH. Haha. What I mean was that my feet were sinking into the sands. But no worries, it is far from a quicksand.

The site is filled with souvenir stores as well. It was tempting to buy a miniature windmill; however my mum reminded me that I already bought my souvenirs in Vigan. 😝😬😝 The place was picture perfect and truly Instagram-worthy. So my family and I didn’t hesitate to take a jumpshot, which is a courtesy of our friend’s photography skills. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

And the last place we went to…

Kapurpurawan came from the Ilocano word for “Puraw” or White. Basically, in Tagalog it probably meant Kaputian. Hehe. This beautiful lanscape is located on the coasts of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. The rocks are actually creamy white, limestone formations. The wondrous formation is naturally caused by the weather and the ocean air which makes it even more amazing. (Source: PWC)

Before entering the place, you are required to pay a fee for environmental purposes. Idk if today, a fee is still asked for. But during our visit, I was in awe. It was beautiful and pristine. The air was cold and refreshing. And the formations were kept to the best of the keepers’ capabilities.

The tour guides told us that before, tourists were allowed to go near the formations. But today, they set a barrier on where tourists could only go near enough but far to touch the formations. Sadly, some tourists would vandalize the formations with “I was here” phrases and blah blah. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Not to mention, the fact that the formations’ shape are really fragile and easily subject to change. 😟😟😟

Nevertheless, it was worth the view with the horseback ride and the manmade limestone huts for that caveman-feel. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒΒ After three stops, we then headed straight to Vigan and did our last shopping spree. The next morning we then headed home but along the way we stopped over in Ilocos Sur’s bridge to take some pictures and adore the beautiful scenery.

The bridge before entering and leaving Ilocos
I don’t approve vandalism. However, this one was IG-worthy! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
2016-01-29-07-59-48-1 (1)
A statue of Ilocos’ famous couple/heroes. Diego and Gabriela Silang.

Our trip may be short and simple but it was filled with wonderful experiences and memories. Most important of all is the family bonding we all had. I hope to visit Ilocos again and go back to the Museums, the Baluarte, Marcos’ wax figure and so on. For now, I am content with these.

Our Ilocos adventure ends here. Fret not! Haha. Another FBF series is coming next Friday. So stay tune!

Merci beaucoup et Γ‘ bientΓ΄t!





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