30 Day Trial: Iflix (Free)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand or company mentioned here. All that are written are 100% based on my experience within the free period offered.*

Screenshot_2016-01-15-23-10-18Don’t you just love movies? Well, I certainly do. 😍I do like to watch a good movie, an interesting documentary or binge-watch the latest TV series. It’s at times, my own way of relaxing.

But oftentimes, CDs or DVDs are a bit out of the budget. While cinemas only offer to show them for a season, then gone. Others then would resort to piracy, which is definitely illegal. 😵😵😵

Then, with technology’s coming of age comes the online subscription for your movie-loving self. However, some offer it on steep prices or at times are not locally available. Thankfully, there are 3 companies who provide Hollywood films, but only 2 covers a wide range of Asian films as well.

Among the 3 companies, I decided to go test the free trial with the cheapest, which is Iflix. 😊Screenshot_2016-01-15-22-44-54

Price: 129php/month or pay pre- or post-paid via SMART Telecommunications

Free Trial period: 30 days. “No hassle” “no strings attached” sign-up. They send emails to remind you as well. 😁

Movies/TV series: Hollywood films, TV series, ABC TV shows, Japanese Animes, Asian telenovelas and movies. Though shows are selected, mostly old films.

Design: Black and red. Clean design.

Movie Downloads: Selected movies can be watched offline. A maximum of 10 shows, for a period of 7 days. Though I encountered a problem on the movie 27 Dresses, where the movie stops after the intro.

Connected Devices & Streaming: Maximum of 5 devices could be used with one account. But only 2 could be used for simultaneous streaming.

Other concerns: So far the only problem I encountered was some bits of lagging and technical difficulties. But overall, I could give Iflix a 3 out 5 for a job well done. Screenshot_2016-01-18-20-05-18

So in case you are itching to watch a rewind of the movie or the latest TV series, go and check out Iflix’s free trial and see if it suits your taste! 😊😊😊

For more inquires:

Iflix’s FAQ page

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!



10 thoughts on “30 Day Trial: Iflix (Free)

  1. hi may i ask that i start 30 days trial but i can find the unsubscribe bottom to my menu account.,I’m worry because it might add to my bill when the 30 days trial is over.


  2. Hi. I signed up in iflix on their website and of course they gave me a 30day trial but when i sign in using the application from google play, there is no subscription plan written in my account unlike when i sign in using the browser (same account). Injust want to know if the trial is for browser only? Thanks for the help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, the free trial applies in the app as well. I used the app during the 30 day trial. Try uninstalling and re-install it again, unless they have changed certain policies. I hope your situation could be fixed and enjoy the free movies!


  3. Question tho.. for the free 30 day trial of iflix, is it necessary to have mobile data on? Because I’ve subcribed to the free 30 day trial of iflix while I’m subscribe to Smart’s GigaSurf50 promo and my data has been getting drained whenever I watch on iflix (mobile data on).


    1. Hello Jessie! I don’t know much about Smart and their offers concerning Iflix as I am Globe user. However, during my usage I never tried it with my mobile data on, I simply save them for offline watching. I suggest you try those if there isn’t any wifi available so as not ot drain the data. Thank you for asking and I hope it helped.


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