Linguini Fini (SM Mega Fashion Hall)

Valentine’s Day just ended and my way of celebrating it is to spend the eve with my family. Sunny has his own Valentine’s with his family too (in case, you are wondering) :).

So when we chose what place we wanted to try out we headed to Linguini Fini (SM Mega Fashion Hall). I have always wanted to try out their pastas, as I am a pasta lover. Or should I rather say, I love food. 😄😄😄

While waiting...
This promo is only on Feb 14. Aww. I bugged my mum to try this. Haha

It was a good thing that the staff were friendly and attentive to detail. Cause if you guys don’t know it yet, we basically don’t eat pork. So, our choices would definitely be limited.

The place has this industrial ceiling look with graffiti-walls, on which I find cool. Although, the place’s temperature was indeed warm inside. Or I guess, the servings were hot. We ordered four plates of different pastas and a pizza for meal.

Our biggest mistake was when we asked for the regular. We wanted to try everyone’s dishes. The server told us that a regular dish is good for two. We thought, “Ah, it might be the same as others where their ‘good for two’ is only for one person.” 😅😝😓😑

The pastas are offered in lite (solo), regular (two persons) and a big platter for 4 or more. Imagine the heap of pasta placed on our table. 😈

This was my choice: Lamb Rigati

My brother's: Spicy Shrimp Arrabiata *Note: this is INDEED spicy 😳

My mum's: Roasted Pepper and shrimp

My Dad's: Baked Ziti

Complimentary bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Pizza!! 🍕🍕🍕 Gambarretti and Shrimp

It was a filling dinner that night. My choices would be the Lamb Rigati, Gambaretti and Shrimp Pizza and the Spicy Shrimp Arrabiata. However, we didn’t get to finish our food that eve. As we were full and feeling “umay” from the meal. Nevertheless, it is one worth experience!

Happy Valentines! 💘💘💘

Linguini Fini
3rd Floor Fashion Hall, Bldg. D SM Megamall

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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