Review: iColor (Medium Brown)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand. All things written are based on my personal experience with the product featured*

I have been taking hair vitamins for a couple of weeks now. Although other factors are also affecting my current hair health on which I NEED TO IMPROVE. 😫😫😫 Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from wanting to dye my hair brown.

I have never tried “purely” dyeing my hair. I tried hair glosses with a hint of color. Well, that’s the most dyeing I could get. I am quite scared of the harmful ingredients seen in dyes but I still want to pursue rockin’ that brown hair look.

My search for a less harmful hair dye led me to a HAIR DYE SHAMPOO. This was my first to hear about it and it sure did caught my attention! 😆 One particular brand that offers it more healthily is the iColor which even contains Olive and Noni extracts for a more shinier hair.

Brand: iColor Hair Dye Shampoo (Medium Brown)

It’s permament and mess-free. I guess the mess-free meant how easy the application is and there are less stains. Unless the dye gets onto your fingers. Eek! 😝 I chose the medium brown shade as I wanted to see my black-brown hair turn into a shade of lighter brown.

Instruction says to:
1. Wash your hair thoroughly
2. Wear the disposable gloves attached to it.
3. Squeeze out all the contents in a container
4. Mix well with your gloved hand
5. Apply like you would with a shampoo. Massage for 3-5 minutes
6. Let it set for about 15-20 minutes for other shades. For Black set it for 3-5 minutes.
7. Rinse well

Price: 60PHP
Quite cheaper which is a plus. You’ll be able to save tons compare to salons.

Store Available: Mercury Drugstores

Other Shades: Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy and Chestnut Brown

My hair prior to coloring

I did try this product twice. For the first time, I only bought 1 packet (30ml). It wasn’t enough to cover my whole head. I let it seat for more than 20 minutes in order for the color to breakthrough. Guess what happened??
I dunno if I am just having vision problems but it actually made my hair darker. I was hoping for a browned look. Instead it dyed my hair darker. It also made my hair shinier. Btw, I didn’t use a conditioner after washing my hair with the product. I simply applied 2-3 drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the ends of my hair to prevent dryness. And spritzed on my Pantene Detangler.

This actually did the trick in making my hair smooth, soft, tangle-free despite the lack of conditioner. However, I wanted to try more. I really wanted that brown hair look. So for the second try, I bought 2 packets. Using the same technique I really hoped for better results:

Yes, it only made my hair darker. Not light or medium brown whatsoever. Which sometimes make me wish that I should try Burgundy instead. It didn’t do harm to my hair but it didn’t bring me to what I want. 😝😝😝 So I am quite ambivalent on what should I feel about this product.

I’d probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 for making my hair shiny, smooth and beautifully darker. A 2 out of 5 for not being able to color my hair brown. Seeing how this works, this would be well appreciated by people who want to rid their white hairs minus the expenses and within the comforts of one’s home. For those raven-haired beauties, go to a salon to achieve the hair color you want. Unless you want to darken your hair.

So far, iColor isn’t bad at all. I would love to give the Burgundy or Chestnut Brown shade a try, maybe sometime. 🙂

After Chestnut Brown dye. No difference. Might as well try Burgundy. 😝

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


15 thoughts on “Review: iColor (Medium Brown)

    1. It would depend on how fast your hair grows. Usually my mom does this once a month. She stretches her washes by using different hairstyles so that her gray and white hair won’t be noticeable. Others, I have heard use it weekly,


    1. From my experience, if you have a lighter hair color magkukulay sya. However, if kagaya ng hair ko na dark talaga walang difference. Sa tingin ko kapag nableach na hair mo or naglighten kaya nga i-darken. Hopefully nakatulong ito.


    1. Hi Kim! Sorry for the long overdue reply. Honestly hindi nag brown yung hair ko. But it did make my hair darker. My mum and lola gave this a try and I can attest na nagkulay brown doon sa white hairs nila. It lasts longer than your usual salon hair dyes. A tip I learn is that if black hair mo and you want to dye the whites, use brown. Para pag tumubo yung whites hindi sila halata thus mapapatagal bago kapa mag kulay uli.


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