Kapitolyo: Ramen Cool & Mad Mark’s

Happy happy Birthday to my beautiful friend/ sister/review buddy Patty Bautista! This post is in line with our celebration on her birthday. I pray that you will be blessed in life, love and work. I love you lots Poms!! 😚😚😚

We celebrated her birthday two weeks prior to the real date. It was a “memorable” and fun one too. Since Patty is definitely lovin’ all things Japanese, we headed to Kapitolyo in Pasig. Kapitolyo is a buzzing food crawl fitted for your gastronomic adventures. Nom nom! 😜 In every street corner has your suited cuisine that you’ll certainly love. One is called the Ramen Cool.

Ramen Cool
25 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig

This isn’t actually my first time in Ramen Cool and from what I remembered their dishes are awesome! The only thing that worries me was that most Japanese dishes contain pork. Particularly the ramen, where pork broth is used. 🐷🐷🐷
Nevertheless, Ramen Cool has a variety of other choices to make. Such as makis, sushis, katsu dishes and so on.

February Celebrants. Chen and Patty

Me and Sunny. I love the ambience here. Makes our pictures more picture-esque. Haha

We set our date last February 13 for lunch time and filled ourselves with quick crazy catch-ups. 🙂
Then we ordered a meal since that is what we are really after. Lelz. I asked the server on what dishes were served with no pork whatsoever. At least, Ramen Cool has 3 dishes pork-free on the Ramen menu.

Patty's Pork Shoyuramen

My Beef Ramen

Chen and Sunny ordered the Seafood Ramen

California Love

As expected, I loved the meal. It was good and tasty. Though the beef broth might be leaning more on the salty side. Still it was a wonderful meal with friends. And here enters the “memorable” part: we were all so absorbed with chatting when I suddenly choked. 😨😱😵

I should say partially choked (if there is ever a thing). I chewed the beef well; however when I swallowed the first half, I missed a tendon! That tendon caused the choking and it was also the life saver. How ironic could that be?? Thankfully, being a nurse made me think; instead of panicking on what I should do, I focused on the need to breathe.

In case a dire situation comes I have three nurses with me and two near Ambulance stations within the location’s proximity. Plus a fact that God is with me and in case I die, I do know where I would be going. 😆 The matter was solved, but it sure did scared my friends. So sorry Patty for that situation! But like all things it ended well and we were able to eat in peace.


Selfie in the restroom. Where I had to poke my gag reflex and pull out the beef stuck. Eeew! Haha

After lunch, Patty suggested we head out for dessert. And like the old times, ice cream was our number one choice. We went to…

Mad Mark’s
23 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig



I have been to Mad Mark’s once and got to try their meal and ice cream. Their’s are a variety of homemade, creamy, quirky ice cream combinations. They offer their servings in single scoop (95 php), twin scoop (170php) and the third which I forgot is the biggest and of course more expensive than the two.

Obligatory selfie


Mine and Sunny’s are on the middle. We had the twin scoop of a Marble Malt and Javan Hot Chocolate. Patty’s is on the right. She had a Cookie Malt. Chen had the Javan Hot Chocolate. 🍦🍧🍨

Well, it sure didn’t disappoint our tastebuds. My favorite was the Javan Hot Chocolate. Haha! How predictable could I get? 😁😁😁 Then after a few more laughs and chilling, we headed home and took photos of our gastronomic adventure. Courtesy of my boyfriend, Sunny. :):):)

My fave pic. It looks semi-candid. Haha. Love this shot!


In case you are craving for Ramen or Ice cream head over here in Kapitolyo and get more from what you asked for! 😄😄😄

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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