Hanako’s Express and Doner G’s Pizza (Take-out)

So last Sunday, we decided to take out meals instead of a homemade lunch. There are numerous places to choose at here in Pasig and one of those places are in SM Pasig Hypermarket.

Hanako’s Express
I have always wanted to try Hanako’s since it opened. I like Japanese food and in particular with their sushis. So when dad asked us where we wanted to buy, my mind immediately popped out Hanako’s.

Their choices range from appetizers, kani salads, donburis, katsus, sushis, sashimis & their bestseller the sukiyaki. I opted a chicken donburi in chahan rice and spicy tuna teriyaki rolls.




Thoughts: I never thought Chicken Donburi was a huge meal. I really couldn’t eat it all and had to share it with my brother and mom. The chahan rice is definitely good, but matching it with a sweetened chicken was too much for my tastebuds. As for the Spicy Tuna Teriyaki rolls, it was good, but since I felt my meal was too sweet already a good dip in the wasabi paste could alter the taste. I’d probably stick to sushis instead. Both meals cost me 417php.

Doner G’s Pizza
If you have read my post about Big Guy’s and my great love for pizza. You’ll probably think I am biased for this meal. Hahaha. Anyhoots, Doner G’s new menu offers pizza. But, of a different kind and twist. If you are used to cheesy and “tomatoe-y” pizza, you might find Doner G’s pizza weird, but in a good way.

However, if you are a vegetarian, you might not find this appealing at all. Doner G offers mostly meat meals. But for meat lovers, it might be a haven. Haha

Literally meat overload

Thoughts: They offer white or hot sauces to match the pizza. Topped with beef and parsley. Squeeze in some Kalamansi and you are good to go. The crust is thin and can be rolled like Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla. I only took a few bites and had to eat the rest later that eve as it made me feel full. So far, it was good but you might want to cleanse your palate from the meat overload after. :):):)

If you are living in Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines then come by to try Hanako’s and Doner G!

Merci beaucoup et á bientot!


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