Brasas: Latin American Street Food (SM Aura)

I have been extremely sad that Mexicali closed their store in SM Megamall. Though they have branches from all over the Metro. It was hard to go further just for their yummy burrito and to-die-for salsa and white sauce.

So we started looking for other options to satisfy our burrito cravings. We found one that sells burritos the Latin American style in SM Aura’s Food Court: Brasas. I’ve seen Brasas before in SM Jazz, but I have only got to try them now. And just imagine how my eyes lit up with joy when I saw their burrito section. :idea::idea::idea::idea:

My dad was equally excited too that we ordered 4 chicken burritos. It was a lot cheaper than Mexicali’s. My dad said that hopefully we find this equally yummy or exceeds expectations (I got that from Harry Potter’s scorecard. Lelz). 👍👍👍





Thoughts: It was ooooookaaaayy?? Haha. I first noticed the size. It was smaller and there were no tomatoes in it. No white sauce or salsa. But it had a cheesy sauce by the side. Which is new. It wasn’t really bad at all unless you almost swallowed some chicken bones! Eep! Yep, there were bones. It didn’t really fill my hungry tummy. Hahaha. Well, that’s an understatement. Nevertheless, I’m giving their burrito a 3 out of 5 for the cheesy sauce that saved it.

I am still going to try out Brasas’ other menu. After all, you can’t judge the food store by one meal. Hehehe. I just made that up. 😝😝😝

Merci beaucoup et á bientot


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