Jimfel’s Beach Resort

It’s Holy Week once again here in Manila. And if you have read my blogpost for Bataan. You’ll know that it is a family tradition that we come here every Holy Week. The word tradition meant like a family thing. Okie?

Moving on, I am going to talk about the resort we stayed on. Their improvements, service and what I had to say about them. *Disclaimer: This is a not a sponsored post. All that are written here are based solely on my experience and opinions.*

Our vacation started on a Wednesday and will end up to Saturday afternoon. We are quite the big group so we went in two batches. I am usually placed on the first batch, because… yah know. Haha.

Let us dig in deeper…

2016-03-24-09-12-15-2-jpg6 (1)

Jimfel’s used to be purely wooden cottages and nipa huts. But today, they offer 3 airconditioned rooms for 2,500php each. 1 airconditioned nipa hut for 2,500. 2 nipa huts for 2,000php each. 5 open and cemented cottages and 9 open wooden cottages (prices unknown).

The air conditioned rooms with a private toilet and shower
Non-air conditioned hut
Airconditioned hut
Videoke Machine-Pinoy favorite
Cemented cottages
The open cottages. We chose to stay here as the air was continuous. Get it? It was aircon-tinuous. Lelz


They have 2 shower rooms and toilet for the women. 1 shower room and toilet for the men. 2 open showers and the traditional poso or pump. The only problem you will encounter is when the people surge to bathe. Water tends to be very scarce, but thankfully Pinoys use timbas or pails which is better than showers.

Public restroom and sink


There are two caretakers. One does the daily cleaning while the other serves as the lifeguard and first aider. We have been at their place for almost 15 to 16 years so we are what they call “suki”. There were just some bits of misunderstanding but I won’t get into the details. At least they worked on it to make do with the misunderstanding. After all 15-16 years is no joke.

It’s actually a BYO thing. :):):)

Overall, we have seen Jimfel’s from its humble beginnings to its progressive state today. We are happy to be part of it. Seeing how the changes came. Bataan would always be the place for me during the Holy Week season. It has full of memories that no one can replace. So when you are needing of a cheaper but nice place to enjoy in Saysain, Bagac, Bataan head over to Jimfel’s.

Before we end, allow me to flood you with my model-esque skills. Hahaha. Please don’t puke! 😂😂😂


Jimfel’s Beach Resort Contact No.
0909 334 5137 – Jim
0920 569 6475 – Zaldy

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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