Update: Healthy Options Hair Skin Nails Multi-vitamin

Why, hello there! I just want to give in a short update about my journey to healthier hair. In my previous blogpost regarding hair, I was taking up a multivitamin from Healthy Options. It was all going really well but I encountered some bits of problem.

Most hair vitamin results are seen after 3 to 6 months of usage. Since I take them twice a day it’ll be after 30 days then I will have to buy another bottle. That means I should take these for 180 days; which means I have to consume 6 bottles.

From my previous post, I did say that I am taking them twice a day. 😝😝😝 Which was a mistake on my part, not that it did something irreversibly drastic. But since it contain some fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) that when consumed too much could lead to serious side effects. 😱😱😱. That is why the dosage instructions said to take ONCE A DAY AFTER MEAL.

I have already taken up the 2nd bottle when I really noticed my shedding (haha, sounded like a pet there) increased. So, I did some research and realized that too much Vitamin A “could” be the culprit (*be reminded that I didn’t take any blood test to confirm this*). Since I deduced this rationale on my own, I had to stop for a while and reset my intake on May. So that means, I am back to zero by May.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! I did notice a difference though, on the falling hair when I stopped to reset it. I also have to work out on my sleep schedule and am currently taking up Vitamin C and Iron.

So by May, I’ll be back to record the effects on Healthy Options: Hair, Skin, Nails Multivitamin. This time, following the dosage instructions. :):):)

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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