Hong Kong: Disneyland

Hello there! It’s been awhile since my last post, but no worries I’ll be compensating a lot. If you remember last May 2015 was our Asian Trip. This April 2016 was another adventure. So for three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) I’ll be posting this 13 day trip to Hong Kong and Israel.

We’ll be starting on our 5am via Cebu Pacific flight last April 14 going to Hong Kong. We were pretty ecstatic, but thank goodness there were no tummy rumblings that happened despite the excitement. My Hong Kong Disneyland dream is finally coming to life!

They have trains on the airport! Talk about comfort.

Going to Hong Kong for Pinoys is quite easy, as we are not required to have VISA if you are coming as a tourist, all you need is cash. Hehe. Because HK is pretty expensive. Arriving in HK that time was a bit chilly and drizzling. Which is a great escape to the Philippines’ hot and humid weather.

Since we are on a DIY trip, we chose the cheapest place to stay. Our hotel was Silverview Holiday Resort Hotel (reviews will be on a separate blog). We took a Blue Taxi from HKIA to our hotel (more on a separate blog). Going to Mui Wo was like going to the province. It was a mountainous region and a looong drive.

From our hotel, our kind taxi driver offered to wait for us and bring us to Disneyland. 😆😆Disneyland tickets cost 539 HKD per head (ages 12-64) for a 1 day ticket. You may buy your tickets on the park itself or online. Tickets bought are valid for only 6 mos from the date of purchase.There are seven sections in the park and each offers free wifi on every souvenir shop and restaurant.

Entering the place was magical. Makes you feel like a kid. But, the food was expensive and most stalls were not opened that time. We were hungry as we didn’t ate anything from our flight to Disneyland. So when we chanced upon a lone stall opened, we bought a few sandwiches and finally ate. We now have the energy to ride and enjoy the place.

Disneyland provides Maps in different languages to guide your adventure. As usual, my brother and I chose the “adult” rides. We first went to Toy Storyland. There we enjoyed 2 rides, one almost made us pee in our pants while the other only made me dizzy.




After Toy Story we went to Mystic Point. It was a Victorian inspired place filled with wonders. The main ride was enjoyable and filled with fantastic effects. My mum definitely loved and approved it.

After Mystic Point, we walked to Grizzly Gulch, but all rides were closed and are under some renovations. 😫

After a few interesting picture-taking moments we headed to see Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland.

Then we skipped Fantasyland and headed to Tomorrowland. There we enjoyed Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

Take note: I scored HIGHER than my brother’s.

Then we went back to Fantasyland and tried Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

After roaming around we headed back to our favorite rides tagging along our parents so they can experience it too. Most of Disneyland’s rides are for little kids, which is why we only went to a few and decided to go home early and EAT. Now, there is nothing wrong in trying out “kiddie” rides, after all that’s what Disney is all about. To let your inner kid let loose and just enjoy.

Going back to the hotel my Dad decided to take the train back to Tung Chung in order to save money. Then ride a taxi from Tung Chung to the hotel. By the way home, we ate our lunch/dinner at Citygate Outlets’ Food Republic (review will be on a separate blog). We also bought lots of cup noodles for breakfast on our hotel. That’s what you call being thrifty. 😜😜😜 Overall our first day in Hong Kong was great. It made us look forward to whatever is in store for us in the next two days.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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