Hong Kong: Silverview Holiday Resort Hotel

Hey there! Today is the second post about our trip to Hong Kong. I’ll be talking about our hotel here in Mui Wo.

A month before our trip, we booked our reservation for four adults in one room via Tripadvisor to Silverview Holiday Resort Hotel. Honestly, they offered the lowest price from all the choices along with free wifi (breakfast not included). However, I didn’t check the reviews posted on those who visited the place via Tripadvisor as well. 😝

So when I happened to read to reviews right after booking, I was really worried…I’ll be sharing you the title of some of the reviews.

“the cesspit of hongkong”


But there were also some who posted the good things of the place. And right now I’ll be sharing you the good and bad sides of the place. First of, the hotel is located in

G/F Block 4, Silverview Centre, 8 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Oftentimes, the hotel is mistaken for Silvermine Beach Resort, so we had to hand down the address to our taxi driver.


Turn right on this street then ask your driver to stop by the first corner or before the bridge.



Below the building is a bustling restaurant that serves authentic HK meals. But we didn’t get to try as I didn’t want to end up having a stomach gurgling incident (like what happened in Malaysia 😨). Nevertheless, if you feel like having a try, go ahead then! 🙂


On the right side of the building is a small alley. Go straight here and on your upper left you’ll see the sign of Silverview Holiday Resort. Enter and check in! Be sure to show them your online booking. They’ll be asking you for a safety deposit of 200HKD. Also, don’t forget to ask for their wifi and its password.

Though I have to say, the wifi gets slow once you are inside the room. My brother and I stay on the terrace to surf without interruption. And you can get faster connection when you are out of the building too. At least its cool outside. Downside? Mosquitoes. 😟


Stairs going up the room. Be extra careful though, the stairs are SLIPPERY. 😯


The hallways are quite tiny for 4 adults with baggages to fit.

They offer a closet with hangers, flat screen TV, water boiler, a personal fridge and extension. I almost forgot, the electric sockets in HK are in three sockets, like the ones in appliances, just ask for an adapter in the reception. They usually give one, thank goodness we brought an octopus adapter as well. This allowed three gadgets to simultaneously charge. A drawback is that once the TV or water boiler is plugged only two gadgets could be accommodated by the electricity. Literally, the third gadget won’t be charging. 😝😝😝

The room is small but our baggages did fit somehow. Just takes a bit of adjustment. We only used the airconditioner on our last day when the skies cleared up and it was getting a bit warmer. But at night the place is cool and walls get really moist! Our towels didn’t dry at all in our three days of stay. Ugh. 😫

Overall: If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay that offers fresh air and is near the beach then you would appreciate this hotel just as we did. We weren’t really impressed with the cleanliness as the trash wasn’t taken out during out stay. So we had to do that ourselves, which is also okay since it teaches you to be a responsible tourist.

Looking around Mui Wo and where the hotel is situated is a relaxing and pleasant feeling. Honestly, I would recommend this place as it gives you the feeling like as if you lived here in Hong Kong. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” And that’s exactly what we did during our stay here.

For more details kindly check their website with the link provided below:

Silverview Holiday Resort Hotel

See you on Wednesday for more about our trip to Hong Kong!
Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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