Hong Kong: Mui Wo-Central HK-Kowloon

Hong Kong, a bustling place filled with its city lights, harbors and densely populated metropolis. It comprises of four sections that make up its whole. Namely, Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and Lantau Island along with other 200 offshore islands (source: Wikipedia)

During our trip to Hong Kong, my family and I enjoyed both Hong Kong’s rural and urban side. It was refreshing to see Hong Kong’s lush green rainforests and to see how drastically modern its cities were. It was one of the perks in staying in at Mui Wo, Lantau Island. It gave us a new perspective of Hong Kong, aside from the usual buildings I see in magazines and other of my friend’s pictures from their trips here.

Anyhoots, like what the title of this blog says, I’ll be taking you all to three of Hong Kong’s sections, Lantau, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

Mui Wo, Lantau Island
As I have said on my previous blog, I chose the hotel because it was the cheapest and was nearest in the vicinity of Disneyland. Let me give you a background of this rural village in the mountains.

Mui Wo means plum nest in English translations. This village is located in the eastern coast of Lantau. One of Mui Wo’s famous beach here is the Silvermine Beach. The name roots from the previous silver mines in the area. (Source: Wikipedia)

Feeling like a “mowdel” of all sorts

A 5 minute walk from our hotel to the Silvermine Bay Beach.

They provide public toilets. ^_^

Fancy shower and changing area.

This flags are helpful to tourists. One flag was up that time, the flag that says, “Swim at your own risk.” 😋😋😋

Mui Wo is definitely the place to be when you want a relaxing holiday or a dip in the beach. You just have to be mindful of what flag is up. Hehe. Also, Mui Wo has a huge public market for your needed groceries and a ferry dock in case you want to go to Central Hong Kong.

Central Hong Kong
Central Hong Kong where the famous Victoria Harbour lies. It is the central business district of Hong Kong and where most of its government buildings and financial corporations are. The Central was a depiction of Hong Kong’s modern life. (Source: Wikipedia)

We went to Central Hong Kong via the MTR (more about it on a separate blog). And enjoyed a really long walk, though we didn’t went really far from the station. We also happened to meet some OFWs on their usual day off and had a good chatter.

Tung Chung’s Citygate Outlets and Station


At every station they provide city maps to help tourists on where you can find the “touristy” sights.

Hong Kong traffic. Manila still takes forever.

A Filipino grocery store. Ahh feels like home. They even have otap!!
Jollibee!! Haha. We rarely have Jollibee in Manila. But since we were peckish, and Jollibee is way cheaper, we grabbed it and enjoyed ourselves a bucket of chicken and rice. 😜😜😜

Felt quite sad though that we weren’t able to see most of Central HK. Our time was constrained that we had to go back the MTR and go on our next trip to Kowloon.

Also known as the Dragon City and where half of the Victoria Harbour nestles. The nicknamed it earned was due to the eight mountains found in the area. (Source: Wikipedia)

Hong Kong’s egg tarts are a MUST-try!

After a few walks across Kowloon, we decided to head back to Mui Wo. It was definitely a one of a kind experience to use the MTR as a way of touring around Hong Kong. Hopefully I could come back here and see more it.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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