Israel: Tel Aviv-Jerusalem

Now that I have shared our planning and execution of the plan for our Semi-DIY Trip to Israel. Today, I’ll be sharing to you the famous tour sites we went to and how we got there.

Let us start with Day 1
Our plane landed in Ben Gurion International Airport at around 3:00AM (Israel time) which is 6 hours behind Manila time. My family and I are quite excited! Mum had tears on her eyes and my dad kept taking pictures of almost everything.

Being a Bible-believing Christian, this has been a part of my bucketlist adventure. And finally, I am ticking this off. 🎊🎊🎊 Woo! We almost thought, that his blissful feeling would be cut short when we were handed to the passport control for questioning. Due to the fact that we are first-timers and had no tour package arranged. But thanks be to God, we got that prized blue entry card.

After the hullaballoo, we finally hailed a cab and went to check in at our hostel at around 6:00AM. Thankfully, we were in time for the breakfast (6:45-10:00AM) and filled ourselves for the day.
Then we started walking around Tel Aviv. The places we went to are:

Rothschild Boulevard

Carmel Market

Mediterranean Sea -Opera Tower


Dizengoff Square and Center

Independence Hall (w/ entrance fee)2016-04-17-08-42-47-1-jpg


Habima Theater

Rabin Square

Day 2
The very key to survive a DIY trip (aside from praying) is learning to ask questions. We are thankful for the staff at Abraham Hostel for helping us out. After a strenuous walk in Day 1, we decided to continue our so-called Pilgrimage to Jerusalem Old City. We started by taking the 405 Bus at Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station.

The Central Bus Station is located at Levinski Street. You may buy your tickets at the ticketing office or on the bus itself. The travel time is around 40-50 minutes, but don’t fret the bus and bus stations in Israel do offer free wifi even on the road.

In Jerusalem’s Central Bus Stations there are two options to go to the Old City. One is you walk and the second is you take the Tram. Guess what we did? We walked. Cause we had no idea how to pay for the ticket, lelz! And we also wanted to enjoy Jaffa Street and its beautiful sights.


The first gate we entered to was the Jaffa Gate and from there our tour around the Old City started.

Tower of David (w/ entrance fee)

Wailing Wall

Gates of the Old City


Mount of Olives


Tomb of David

Just to let you know, almost all museums and national parks we went to offered free wifi. Which is really cool! 🙂 We ended our second day finally riding the Tram to the bus station then hailing a cab back to the hostel. It was a wonderful yet tiring and aching feet kind of day. And this was just the beginning.

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!


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