Hello there! To my dear readers, I would like to immediately address my blog’s apparent situation. You see, I have only subscribed my blog here on WordPress for the free package. But since the free package has a limited space of 3GB for the use of media and such, I have ran out of it.

For now my current solution is minimize the use of pictures and delete repeated ones. Also, another dire solution I did was to delete my previous blogs. Which is heartbreaking to do. 😭😭😭 The blog entries I have deleted were (in random order):

Ellie Kim. Womanhood. Art
Sleep-Deprived. Stressed
Chamber Choir Competition
Derry + EnEn
Summer of 2000

But I have also saved them in Word document format so I can reupload them next time around. For now, I will be saving around 5,000PHP to avail the 10gb space and probably own my domain as well. Fret not, for I will be posting on my blog but with fewer or no pictures involved.

Merci beaucoup ét á bientôt!


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