First Experience: BeautyMNL Online Shopping

Hello there beauties and gents too! I do apologise for quite a long hiatus of not blogging. I’ve been really busy since I started the overhaul of my blog. Plus, being on the 4th week in school adds up to my tight schedule. Nevertheless, like I promised, I would still be posting some blogs, though probably not as often as before. So today, I would like to share my first experience with BeautyMNL’s Online Shopping.

I have had my share of online shopping from one or two IG sellers and Lazada. However, I remained wary as always. I have the notion that I might get addicted to online shopping, which is why I am picky with online shops and always on the lookout for Cash-on-Delivery payments or Bank Deposits. I prefer cash above all than using cards and such.

Online shopping has paved ways for consumers of today. It’s easy, fast and most of the time complete with products that aren’t usually available here in the Philippine Market. And like any other shopping experience, online shops do offer sales and promos which are a great attention catcher. All you need is cash, card and a bit of trust before you sign up for one. Yes, it takes a big leap of faith and prayer that somehow you won’t get scammed.

BeautyMNL provides a wide range of beauty arsenals from different imported and local brands. They also offer organic products, tech and other accessories. When I came across this site, I immediately checked their modes of payments and thank goodness! They have CODs and Bank Deposit options. So, after some time thinking of what to buy, I decided to go for an organic, all-natural, paraben, fragrance and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. (I am still on the journey for that long, healthy hair)

First, you have to register at BeautyMNL’s site. This will help you in your order tracking and easier transactions. They provide e-mail notifications on your waitlist items, freebies and other stuff.

It took me weeks before I could decide that I would buy from them. A big tip is to read the FAQs. It helps to know what kind of transaction you’ll be entering into. BeautyMNL also gives out freebies, so better watch out for those. I was suppose to get three, but the stocks ran out, so better decide quick! They also offer free shipping for items above 5,000PHP. That would be too much for me, so I didn’t mind the 50PHP additional fee for the shipping.

I chose the Bank Deposit Option in paying, be sure to read the FAQ’s because they will close the Bank Deposit Option when the following day would be a holiday or a weekend. So schedule your purchases too. 🙂 However, if in case you decided the COD option, the order usually arrives immediately at your doorstep (if you are located within Metro Manila) the next day.


After finalizing, wait for the invoice email and read the Terms of Service.


They will send you details of the transaction, be sure to pay before 7:00PM the next day or your reservations would be forfeited.


After paying, scan or take a clear photo of the receipt and email it back to them. They would send a confirmation followed by the Order Acknowledgement.


From there, you can now track your orders from paid to processing to on the way statuses.


And enjoy the delivery package! I certainly felt like it was Christmas morn. Haha. But who doesn’t love to open packages right??

2016-06-29 01.44.54 1
It has to be aesthetically arranged! Hahaha

So far, there were no delays or problems encountered during my first transaction with BeautyMNL. I do have another set I wanted to buy, but as always, control is power. Haha. I have to wait for probably three months or more before purchasing or this wouldn’t stop. Better yet, when I only need it. 🙂

Give BeautyMNL a try girls!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

P.S. This post is not sponsored by BeautyMNL.


5 thoughts on “First Experience: BeautyMNL Online Shopping

  1. Thanks for the review. Just want to ask, after it changes the status into ON ITS WAY. How long have you been waited until you received the order?


  2. Hello! Thank you for your review. But i am wondering. I got the receipt confimation letter, but I still havent got the Order acknowledgement letter. Until today its been a day. I tried to contact their email but no reply yet. Do u know what happen?


    1. Hello Glenda! I hope everything goes well. If there is no reply at their email, try their phone number or try to check the other folders at your email like the spam and etc. If there is still no reply, check to see their site about their office hours and days or if they have an answer to their FAQs


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