Bánh Mì Kitchen

Ola! Salut! Hello! August is coming to an end and I finally faced my blog to write a new post. This has been probably the busiest, most stressful and rockiest month to date. @_@ But thank God for His sustaining grace and even if there are a few more days left in August, I do believe I can survive this. ^_^ Now, as the title goes this post is about our first try on Banh Mi Kitchen.

Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese style sandwich. Basically it is a Vietnamese term for bread.  “Bánh” stands for bread and “mì”  for wheat. The bread is almost similar to a French baguette’s texture. (Source: WikipediaI first had a taste of bánh mì, when we went to Vietnam and I loved it. I called it, rather most people would call it the Vietnamese Subway. So when I saw a food stall called Bánh Mì Kitchen in Megamall, my eyes lit up! But it took awhile before I tried.

Just last Saturday, my best friend, Chen of chenesteves.wordpress.com along with her boyfriend, Lorenz met up with me and Sunny (my boyfriend) for quick catch-up/double date. We decided to try out Bánh Mì Kitchen, since I kept raving about Vietnamese coffee and they offer one too. Here is what the food stall looked like and the complete menu of what they offer:

2016-08-27 11.07.16 1-min2016-08-27 11.07.32 1-min2016-08-27 11.08.18 1-min

Lorenz and Sunny both had Beef Rendang. I had Wagyu Beef and Chen had Kani Bonito. I wasn’t able to take photos of Chen’s Kani, but I’ll be able to post their comments and ratings regarding their first try as well.

Let’s start with rating the Bánh Mì , with the 1 to 5 rating, 1 being the lowest score and 5 the highest.

Chen: 5 for the Kani. The taste of cilantro is dominant and it reminds me of Pho.

Lorenz: 5 for the sake of trying. 😛

Me: 4 for the Wagyu. Wished I had the Rendang instead because that is a 5 especially with Sriracha on it.

Sunny: 4 for the Beef Rendang. It was minty, but delicious, crunchy and very tasty. It was also huge!

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

2016-08-27 11.15.52 1-min

We also got to try Vietnamese coffee, which I am most particularly excited about. Vietnamese coffee has a very strong taste and is sweetened by condensed milk. They usually have it iced, though Bánh Mì Kitchen also offered a Vietnamese iced tea. Here are our ratings:

Chen: 3 for the tummy aches it caused and it didn’t make me sleep. I love coffee but my taste is more on the Western side. I was really expecting to taste the condensed milk but nah.

Lorenz: 3 for the tummy aches as well. It was strong.

Me: 5, but it was strong, though I still love it. Not the same as the ones I had in Vietnam though. But it was good, or that’s because I just love coffee. It did gave me some bit of palpitations that night. I think I would still love to try their Vietnamese iced tea.

Sunny: 5, the coffee had a very strong effect, but it tasted so good.

Overall: 4 out of 5

I wasn’t able to finish my sandwich and had Sunny ate the quarter left. Hehe #relationshipgoals. But our meal was filled with chattering and laughter. After all, a meal is always good when you are with the people you love. ^_^ Ain’t that cheesy?? So in case you stop by Megamall, give Bánh Mì Kitchen a try!

Facebook Page: Bánh Mì Kitchen

Located at: 4th floor Building A of SM Megamall, Ortigas or at Bonifacio Stopover, BGC 9am – 10 pm Daily and at POP by Retail Lab, Power Plant Mall

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!



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