HoBing Korean Dessert Cafe

So it’s September now and true to my promise here is my blogpost for this whole month. I was suppose to post a few weeks ago about an indie cafe in Pasig but my phone went cray cray and I impulsively reformatted my phone. I thought that I had to save to buy a new phone. Thankfully, my classmate was good with tech stuff and he managed to resurrect my dead phone. *whew!* But the photos from the indie cafe were totally gone. 😦

Yesterday, Sunny and I planned to go to Megamall’s business service center to renew our PRC license. However, the service center already stopped that service since January which is really a bummer. So, we decided to roam a bit then I remembered Ho Bing. I was dying to try Tteokbokki, and this was the opportunity. 🙂


The store was a quaint but bright place. The staff were friendly and helpful as well. Though I find it odd that the cafe had a salon-like smell which dissipated throughout our stay. On the menu, we chose a set meal which includes a Bingsu and your choice of Tteokbokki or Rabokki. Tteokbokki or ddeokbokki is a Korean dish made from rice cake, fish cake and gochujang (a sweet and spicy chili paste). It is a popular street food in Korea and can be added with eggs, meat, and vegetables (Source: Wikipedia).


But we decided both to go for the Rabokki which has noodles in it. It is a mix-up of Korea’s tteokbokki and ramyeon (Source: Wikipedia). You may also opt to add mozzarella cheese on top or some sausages for your dish.


For the Bingsu, we decided to go for the Strawberry and Chocolate Brownies in regular bowls. Bingsu is the Korean version of the Philippines’ halo-halo and Japanese’s kakigori which are shaved ice topped with sweets and such.

We enjoyed such a hearty meal. Though I find the rabokki a little too sweet for my taste. The sweetness quite overpowers the savoriness of the dish. Still, I managed to almost finish it all up leaving only 3 rice cakes, whilst Sunny left 7. It was spicy! We had ours in super mild and it certainly didn’t feel like super mild at all ^_^. As for the Bingsu, I totally loved it! Though I wasn’t able to finish mine as I was full from drinking water for the rabokki. Sunny was able to finish his strawberry bingsu, though he find the strawberries to be more on the sour-ish side.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience to get to try something new. Added to the fact that tteokbokki is now off my bucket list of things to try and eat. Haha! Come over by the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall and try out HoBing!

Merci beaucoup et á bientôt!

HoBing Korean Dessert Cafe: Facebook





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